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Halton CaBeam chilled beam for integrated installation
Halton CaBeam chilled beam for integrated installation

Halton CaBeam – Chilled beam for integrated installation

Halton CaBeam is a cooling, heating, and ventilation solution specifically designed to provide the best indoor comfort for demanding marine applications such as cabins on cruise ships and passenger ferries or living quarters on offshore substations.

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The Halton CaBeam is a cabin ventilation solution specifically designed for silent cabin comfort with sophisticated air treatment and control. The Halton CaBeam is available as an exposed, recessed or integrated installation.
The integrated CaBeam unit is an active chilled beam solution designed for bulkhead and enclosed installation with return and supply air grilles for demanding marine applications.
The active chilled beam system employs fins to help heat and cool. The system is effective to the point where outdoor air can be mixed with the indoor air without any traditional air conditioning (such as heating, cooling, humidifying, or dehumidifying), allowing the building/ship to meet its “minimum outdoor air” air quality requirements.
The active chilled beam system requires much less energy to achieve the same heating and cooling effect as a traditional HVAC system.
The beam acts as a radiator chilled by recirculated water. The warm air rises and is cooled by the chilled beam; once it is cooled, the air falls back to the floor, where the cycle starts over. The ventilation air is delivered to the beam by a central air-handling system via ductwork.