Foundation of the company: Halton 1969-1979

Since the very beginning Seppo Halttunen, the founder of Halton group, had a vision of an international corporation with its own products, R&D, manufacturing and good reputation among customers.

"Customer is King" thinking has always been the corner stone of Halton's strategy. The challenges of the first decade were to make newly founded company profitable and organization working towards the vision.

Halton's good business idea provided a firm base for the future success. The shop furnishings division guaranteed continuous business, although the future was seen to be in indoor climate business. From the very beginning, Halton invested heavily in research and development. As a result of this, real breakthrough products emerged. They facilitated a strong and profitable increase in sales. The turnover of the company increased, in a controlled and profitable manner, on average by thirty per cent a year throughout the decade.

In the beginning the growth of the company took place in the domestic market. One of the main targets was to become international from the outset, hence export activities commenced at a very early stage in the history of Halton. The first successful entries were made on the Scandinavian markets, and soon after that in Central Europe. Against all odds, Halton entered Canada in 1978 by setting up the first foreign subsidiary. This manufacturing facility operated under the name Oston Ltd and produced sophisticated checkout counters.