Focus on indoor climate: Halton 1989-2000

The rapid internationalization continued. The French acquisition was an important strategic move at the time when the Finnish companies were aiming to enter the European Community, and its vast markets. In 1991 it was time for Belgium and in 1992 a sales company for indoor climate products was established in Germany.

The year 1993 marked the beginning of a new era in Halton. The first major transfer of technology took place in co-operation with a Japanese partner, the Sanbec Corporation, who became the licensee of Halton's kitchen ventilation technology.

In 1992 Halton's operations were divided in two independent clearly defined business divisions; Recycling & Shop Furnishing and Indoor Climate.

Halton expanded to Asia and established a factory in Malaysia 1996. In 1997 Halton focused on the indoor climate business. A representative office was accredited to Moscow, Russia in 1997. In the same year a new factory was established in Scottsville, USA. In 1998 the factory was accompanied by a research and development centre.

The recycling division was sold and the shop furnishings division formed a group on its own in 1998. A sales office was founded in Warsaw, Poland in 1999. The Norwegian Acti-Com AS and the Canadian CanVent Co. were affiliated to the Halton Group in 2000.