Halton Group coordinates the strategy, the strategy process, and leadership development of the company as a whole. Halton Group's three business areas - Halton, Halton Foodservice, and Halton Marine - are responsible for their global strategy and development, and for its business including sales.

Business areas

Halton Group consists of three business areas, which are responsible for their global strategy and development, and for their business including sales:

  • Halton offers indoor climate products and solutions for public and commercial buildings, with particular expertise in solutions for offices, hotels, health care and laboratories as well as public venues. We use our expertise to meet each customer's requirements, and to provide indoor environments that are healthy, comfortable, productive and energy-efficient throughout their life cycle.   Product and system expertise cover air diffusion, chilled beams, air flow management, ventilation fire safety, air filtration and indoor environmental management services. The leader of this business area is Tommi Rantanen. 
  • Halton Foodservice  specialises in indoor climate solutions for commercial kitchens and restaurants. Our expertise, flexibility and proprietary technology enable us to create memorable customer experiences and pleasant working environments, which increase the profitability and productivity of food service operations around the world. The leader of this business area is Georges Gaspar. 
  • Halton Marine offers the latest technology for cabin and galley ventilation, fire safety, airflow management and air distribution systems. We are one of the world's leading suppliers of HVAC for marine, and focus on solutions that provide the highest standards of safety and comfort aboard cruise ships, navy and offshore installations.  The leader of this business area is Sami Piirainen.