Halton Foundation is a charity organisation that helps people who otherwise could not afford to improve their wellbeing and indoor environmental quality.

About the Foundation

Halton Foundation is organized and operated for the purpose of promoting the wellbeing of persons that suffer from poor indoor air quality due to environmental and economic conditions.   

We provide grants to non-profit organisations that provide services and benefits to people suffering from illnesses or conditions caused by poor indoor environment. We endeavor to assimilate indoor environmental data, and it is our mission to share this knowledge with the world for improvement of indoor environmental quality. Main areas of expertise are related to indoor air quality, thermal conditions, breathable particulates and illnesses, conditions or disease that may result from sub-standard indoor environmental quality. Halton Foundation operates without geographic limitations.

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Contact Halton Foundation

Halton Foundation
103 Industrial Drive
Scottsville, KY 42164

Tel. +1 270 239 6380
Fax +1 270 239 6381 

Chairman of the Board
Tarja Takki

Executive Director/Secretary
Darlene Tinsley