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Country: Germany

Joonas Autio

Commissioning Engineer for Ships and Offshore Energy


Toni Suhonen

Commissioning Coordinator for Ships and Offshore Energy

Derk Speet

Area Sales Manager, North-West-Germany


Friedrun Pajdakovic

Key Account Manager Foodservice

Anton Heigenhauser

Area Sales Manager, South-Germany

Shuresh Maran

Sales Director, Heavy industry

Hubert Rudek

Area Sales Manager, Middle-Germany


Gregor Althun

Area Sales Manager, North-East Germany

Timo Kohtaniemi

Sales Manager

Tommi Kähkönen

Regional Manager, Europe & Distributors

Toni Setänen

Sales Manager, Heavy Industry

Susanna Ahonen

Sales Team Manager, Aftersales and Services, Ships, Offshore Energy

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