Exceptionally safe and efficient workspaces for laboratory professionals.

Halton's Vita solutions offer intelligent and efficient management of laboratory pressure conditions and thermal comfort in healthcare, research, production and educational laboratories.

Halton Vita Lab Solo

Halton Vita Lab Solo is a fast and accurate airflow management solution for all types of fume cupboards and exhausts in laboratories where safety needs to be ensured in all conditions.
• Suitable for all fume cupboards and laboratory exhausts
• Constantly safe operations
• User-friendly control and alarm panel
• Enhanced energy efficiency with occupancy control

Halton Vita Lab Room

Halton Vita Lab Room provides intelligent and efficient control of laboratory pressure and thermal comfort for optimal space management.
• Thermal comfort and safety for the entire room
• Energy efficiency
• User-friendly control and alarm panel
• Integrated temperature control

Halton Vita Lab Zone

Halton Vita Lab Zone provides enhanced system stability with integrated zonal pressure management. The system ensures constant conditions for the Vita Lab Solo and Vita Lab Room solutions.
• Prevents zone-to-zone fluctuation
• Enhances safety by maximum airflow limitation
• Easy design and layout modification with simple installation and maintenance



Importance of fast response time

The time in which stable control velocity is reached after the hood opening has a significant effect on the exposure

•Once the response time exceeds 3 seconds (equals 1s in X-axis) the exposure risk increases significantly
•After 5 seconds from the sash movement, the maximum concentrations at the hood opening may reach the exhaust concentration