Inteligentny dobór urządzeń przy pomocy programu Halton H.E.L.P.

Firma Halton nie tylko posiada ponad 180 patentów na innowacje w produktach, lecz jest również liderem w projektowaniu oprogramowania komputerowego, które pomaga inżynierom i konsultantom adaptować skuteczne rozwiązania na każdym etapie projektu. 

The "Hood Engineering Layout Program" (H.E.L.P.) is specifically designed for commercial kitchen ventilation and turns the cumbersome calculation of the heat load based design into a quick and easy process. It contains the updateable database of cooking appliances as well as Halton Capture Jet® hood information which are automatically sized and submittal drawings produced. The program can produce a three dimensional view of the kitchen and export those to Auto Cad.

HELP input tables allow for selection of the cooking equipment. This, in turn, automatically sizes the hoods and air flow rates, pressure losses and gives opportunity for any desired options.

From the design inputs a 3-D kitchen layout emerges. This image is exportable to Auto Cad, and is rotatable for easy maneuvering around the kitchen space. Walls, unhooded equipment may all be added at will.