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Halton DTR – Perforated diffuser (terminated)

Terminated as of 1st July 2023
->  replaced with Halton Jaz JRC

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Terminated as of 1st July 2023
->  replaced with Halton Jaz JRC

  • Available for supply and exhaust
  • Designed for integrated installation with suspended ceilings.
  • Installed either directly to the ductwork or to the balancing plenum.
  • Low unit height.
  • Front plates are available in nominal sizes 300×300 mm, 450×450 mm and 600×600 mm.
  • Size 600×600 is adapted for installation in standard T-bar suspended ceiling (modular 600×600 mm).
    Other suspended ceiling integration options available.
  • Detachable front panel enables cleaning of the diffuser and ductwork.
  • Circular duct connection with rubber gasket.


  • Deflector for the direction of flow pattern.
  • Balancing plenum with measurement and adjustment functions.

Quick selection

Halton DTR with TRH plenum


100-300 300 259 77 99
100-600 595 259 77 99
125-300 300 259 77 124
125-600 595 259 77 124
160-450 452 411 97 159
160-600 595 411 97 159
200-450 452 411 97 199
200-600 595 554 97 199
250-600 595 554 97 249
315-600 595 554 97 314

NS = connection size – diffuser size


100-300 1.7
125-300 1.7
160-450 3.4
200-450 3.4
200-600 5.2
250-600 5.2
315-600 5.3

NS = connection size – diffuser size


 Part  Material   Note
 Casing  Steel  –
 Front panel  Perforated steel  –
 Deflector panels  Steel  –
 Coupling sleeve  Galvanised steel  –
 Gasket  Rubber compound  –
 Finishing  Painted, white
(RAL 9003/30%)
 Special colours available


Accessory Code Description
Balancing plenums TRI Aesthetical connection plenum
with airflow balancing  and
noise attenuation (Fig.1.)
TRH Basic connection plenum
with airflow  balancing and
noise attenuation (Fig.2.)
Deflection panels DP Set of deflector panels for
selection of flow  pattern
to 1,2 or 3 directions (Fig.3.)

Fig.1. Halton TRI                                Fig.2. Halton TRH

Fig.3.  Deflection panels options


  • Air is supplied horizontally into the space through the front panel of the diffuser
  • The supply air can be deflected in different directions (1,2,3,4) with a recommended maximum air temperature difference between supply and room air as follows:
    •   8°C for 3 and 4 direction air supply
    •   6°C for 1 and 2 direction air supply
  • Halton DTR can also be used as an exhaust unit.


The diffuser is connected either directly to the duct by screwing or by riveting or alternatively to the Halton TRI balancing plenum.
Direct the flow pattern in the desired directions by installing a deflector panel on the perforated front panel.

A minimum safety distance upstream of the diffuser of 3xD is recommended.

In an exhaust application neither a deflector panel or a deflector plate is used.

Installation with plenum Halton TRI

The collar of Halton TRI plenum can be installed either internally in the plenum or externally on the bottom of the plenum. The height of the unit is presented in the table below for the external installation. When the collar sleeve is installed internally, the total height H1 is reduced by 60 mm.

The technical performance for the combination of supply air diffuser and Halton TRI plenum is presented separately for the two different installations.

100-300 100 TRI-100-100 270 293-343
125-300 100 TRI-100-125 270 293-343
160-450 125 TRI-125-160 425 343-393
200-450 160 TRI-160-200 425 383-433
200-600 160 TRI-160-200 565 383-433
250-600 200 TRI-200-250 565 433-483
315-600 250 TRI-250-315 565 497-547


It is not possible to adjust airflow in the Halton DTR itself.
In order to enable airflow adjustment and measurement of airflow rate it is recommended that the diffuser is connected to the Halton TRI balancing plenum. The supply flow rate is determined by using the MSM measurement and adjustment module.

Open the front panel and pass the tubes and control spindle through the diffuser front plate.
Replace the front plate.

Measure the differential pressure using a manometer. The flow rate is calculated using the formula below:

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved.
Lock the damper position with a screw.
Replace the tubes and spindle in the plenum and replace the diffuser front panel.

The k factor for installations with different safety distances
(D= duct diameter)

TRI/S >8xD min 3xD
100 6.0 7.5
125 9.9 12.6
160 16.9 21.9
200 28.3 31.0
250 47.9 51.5
315 78.6
TRH/S > 8xD min. 3xD
100 6.5 7.5
125 10.8 12.6
160 19.4 21.9
200 29.7 31.0
250 48.8 51.5
315 81.3 83.1


Option with balancing plenum

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling the shaft; (not the control spindle or measurement tubes!).
Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.

Reassemble the measurement and adjustment module by pushing the shaft until the module meets the stopper.
Push the front panel back into place so that the springs lock.

Detach the front panel by gently pulling it down and letting it balance on the hinges. Clean the parts by wiping them with a damp cloth. Reattach the front panel by swinging it up and pushing it until the springs lock.


The diffuser shall be made of painted steel with a white (RAL 9003/30%) colour.
The flow pattern of the diffuser shall be adjustable in up to three directions using deflector panels.

Option 1; no balancing plenum

The diffuser shall have a galvanised steel casing with a spigot with integral gasket for connection to circular duct.
The diffuser shall have a detachable perforated front panel that provides access to the duct.

Option 2; option with balancing plenum

The diffuser shall be connected to a balancing plenum equipped with a measurement and adjustment module.
The diffuser shall have a detachable perforated front panel to provide access to the measurement and adjustment module in the plenum.
The balancing plenum shall have a spigot with integral gasket for air-tight duct connection.
The balancing plenum shall comprise sound attenuation material made of polyester fiber with a washable surface.

Order Code


D = Connection size
   100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315

A = Diffuser size
300, 450, 600

Other options and accessories

WS = Width of suspended ceiling tile
NA      Not assigned
600      600×600 (if A=300,450)

CO = Colour
   SW     White (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT = Tailored product
N          No
Y          Yes (ETO)

Sub products

TRI       Plenum
TRH      Plenum
DP       Deflection panel

Code example

DTR-100-300, WS=NA, CO=SW, ZT=N


  • Halton DTR – Perforated diffuser (terminated)



    Shape 2
  • Private: Halton DTR – Rei’itetty kattohajottaja (poistunut valikoimasta)



    Shape 2
  • Private: Halton DTR – Diffuseur plafonnier (supprimé)



    Shape 2
  • Private: Halton DTR – Perforierter Deckenauslass (nicht mehr im Sortiment)



    Shape 2
  • Private: Halton DTR – Perforerad takspridare (avslutad)



    Shape 2
  • Halton DTR – fr


    Shape 2
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