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Suspended perforated diffuser
Suspended perforated diffuser

Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling (JRC ) – Perforated diffuser

This diffuser is a combination of excellent indoor climate conditions and iconic design.

The diffuser is available for both supply and exhaust ensuring  architectural ceiling outlook. Low height of the structure,  easily openable front plate and modular ceiling fitted sizes make Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling easy to mount.

  • Perforated diffuser for integrated installation with suspended T-bar ceiling.
  • Excellent indoor climate conditions with horizontally directed supply air and high mixing effect.


  • Perforated diffuser for integrated installation with suspended T-bar ceiling
  • Excellent indoor climate conditions with horizontally directed supply air and high mixing effect
  • Suitable for air supply and exhaust
  • Installation either directly to ductwork or to balancing plenum
  • Easily openable front plate for convenient cleaning of the diffuser and ductwork
  • Circular duct connection with rubber gasket


  • Deflector panels for providing the flow pattern direction
  • Balancing plenum with measurement and adjustment functions
  • Installation panel for modular ceiling

Quick selection


100-420 99 420 112 50
125-420 124 420 112 50
160-420 159 420 112 50
200-420 199 420 112 50
200-600 199 595 132 70
250-600 249 595 132 70
315-600 314 595 132 70

Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling with Halton TRI plenum

Rain TRI ØD1 ØD W M M1 K L
100-420 100-100 99 100 420 118 270 282 308
125-420 100-125 99 125 420 118 270 282 308
160-420 125-160 124 160 420 118 300 432 458
200-420 160-200 159 200 420 118 300 432 458
200-600 160-200 159 200 595 138 360 432 458
250-600 200-250 199 250 595 138 410 592 618
315-600 250-315 249 315 595 138 474 592 618

Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling with Halton TRH plenum

Rain TRH ØD1 ØD W M M1 K L L1
125-420 100-125 99 125 420 106 258 281 281 141
160-420 125-160 124 160 420 106 286 431 431 216
200-420 160-200 159 200 420 106 318 431 431 216
200-600 160-200 159 200 595 126 338 431 431 216
250-600 200-250 199 250 595 126 371 400 550 355
315-600 250-315 249 315 595 126 421 450 600 378


Part Material Note
Casing Galvanised steel
(EN 10130)
Front panel Galvanised steel,
Fixing springs Spring steel
(EN 1.4310)
Coupling sleeve
with gasket
Galvanised steel
(EN 10130)
Gasket rubber compound
Finishing Painted with
polyester powder,
white (RAL 9003)
Special paintings in
RAL colours available


Accessory  Code Description
Balancing plenums  TRI Aesthetical connection plenum
with airflow balancing  and
noise attenuation (Fig.1.)
 TRH Basic connection plenum
with airflow  balancing and
noise attenuation (Fig.2.)
Deflection panels  DP Set of deflector panels for
selection of flow  pattern
to 1,2 or 3 directions (Fig.3.)

Fig.1. Halton TRI                                             Fig.2. Halton TRH

Fig.3.  Deflection panels option


The air is supplied horizontally into the space through the perforated front panel of the diffuser.

The supply air pattern can be deflected radially in the different directions desired (1, 2, 3 and 4) with separate deflector panels (delivered as accessory).

Diffuser can also be used as an exhaust unit.

The recommended maximum temperature difference between supply and room air as follows:

  • 8 °C for 4- and 3 –way air supply direction
  • 6 °C for 2- and 1–way air supply direction


Fig.4. Installation above list                       Fig.5. Installation under list

The diffuser is available in size 595×595 for direct installation to the modular T-bar ceiling (600×600).

Ceiling installation for standard sizes can be made above or below T-bars (Fig.4. and 5.).

The diffuser is connected either direct to the duct by screwing or riveting, alternatively to the Halton’s balancing plenums Halton TRI or Halton TRH.

Direct the flow pattern in the desired directions by installing the deflector panels on the perforated front panel to meet the required specifications (4 way direction in standard delivery, see Fig.6.).

Fig.6. Deflection panel options

R4        Radial jet, 4 direction
R3        Radial jet, 3 direction
R2        Radial jet, 2 direction
R1        Radial jet, 1 direction
E          Exhaust

A recommended minimum safety distance upstream of the diffuser is normally 3 x duct diameter.

Installation in suspended ceiling

100-420 99 420 385
125-420 124 420 385
160-420 159 420 385
200-420 199 420 385
200-600 199 595 560
250-600 249 595 560
315-600 314 595 560

Recommended opening dimensions when installing to the drywall or other panel celilings.

Installation with plenum

The collar in Halton’s TRI can be installed either internally or externally on the bottom of plenum. The height of unit is presented in the tab Dimension.

A recommended minimum safety distance upstream of the plenum is normally 3 x duct diameter.

The technical performance for the combination of Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling diffuser and Halton plenum is presented separately for different installations.

Fig.7. Installation with Halton TRI plenum

Opening the diffuser

Open the front panel using some suitable thin material (like plastic sheet – Fig.8.). Push the sheet on the slot between front panel and chamber on the side where the Halton logo is located (distance about 50 mm from the corners). Pull slightly to open the front panel.

Detach the open front panel by pressing the hinge from inside (Fig.9.); reassembly it by pulling it against the hinges.

Close the front panel by pushing it until the springs lock.

Fig.8. Open with thin plastic sheet

Fig.9. Press the hinge from inside


Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling diffuser does not include any separate airflow adjustment.

In order to enable the adjustment and measurement of airflow rate it will be recommended to connect the diffuser to Halton TRI or Halton TRH plenum. The supply airflow rate is determined by using the plenum’s measurement and adjustment module.

Open the diffuser’s front panel and pass the tubes and control spindle through the hole in perforation. Close then the front panel.

Measure the differential pressure using a suitable manometer. The airflow rate is calculated using the formula below

TRI > 8xD min. 3xD
100 6.0 7.5
125 9.9 12.6
160 16.9 21.9
200 28.3 32.0
250 47.9 51.5
315 78.6
TRH > 8xD min. 3xD
100 6.5 7.5
125 10.8 12.6
160 19.4 21.9
200 29.7 31.0
250 48.8 51.5

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved. If needed lock the damper position with the screw in module.

Replace the tubes and spindle into the plenum.


Detach the front panel of the diffuser and let it balance on the hinges.

Wipe the diffuser casing and front panel with damp cloth. Ensure that the deflector panels are directed as requested. After cleaning reattach the front panel.

Option with balancing plenum

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling from the shaft; not from the control spindle or measurement tubes. Wipe the components with damp cloth instead of immersing in water. Wipe also the inner part of the plenum; detach the attenuation material if needed.

Reassemble the module by pushing the shaft until the unit meets the stopper.

Push the front panel back into casing so that the springs lock.


The diffuser is installed flush with the ceiling surface. The diffuser is made of powder painted galvanized steel with a white standard colour (RAL 9003). Air is supplied through the perforated front panel in order to ensure efficient mixing of supply air. The front panel is equipped with direction plate for 4-way air diffusion as standard. Set of deflection panels is available as accessory for directing the throw pattern according request.

The diffuser has a detachable front panel providing access to the duct and/or plenum.

The diffuser is installed alternatively to the balancing plenum or direct to the duct. Balancing plenum has a detachable measurement and adjustment module, attenuation material and cleanable structure.

Order code


D = Size of duct connection (mm)
100, 125, 160, 200, 260, 315

A = Diffuser front panel size (mm)
420, 600

Other options and accessories

CO = Colour
SW    Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT  = Tailored product
N       No
Y       Yes (ETO)

Sub products

Balancing plenums with airflow controls and sound attenuation
Halton TRI/S for supply air
Halton TRI/E for exhaust air
Halton TRH/S for supply air

Set of deflection panels (DP)

Code example

JRC-125-420, CO=SW, ZT=N


Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling (JRC ) – Perforated diffuser
Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling (JRC) – Rei’itetty hajottaja
Halton JRC – Diffuseur avec façade perforée
Halton Jaz Rain Ceiling (JRC) – Perforrad takspridare
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