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Halton KCMO Ceiling mounted ductless hood
Halton KCMO Ceiling mounted ductless hood

KCMO – Ductless ventilation exhaust hood (UL)

UL Listed – Halton’s KCMO Ceiling Mounted Ductless Ventilation Hood is a one-of-a-kind, stainless steel recirculating hood, for use with specific UL listed appliances, incorporates the Electrostatic Air Cleaner and provides vapor removal requirements for a variety of food service applications and equipment.


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  • Compact and simple design of the ventless hood eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors for separate hood and electrical systems.
  • Halton’s KCMO comes complete with (1) Baffle Filters, (1) EAC Filters, (1) Charcoal Filters, (1) EAC SoakTank and (1) Manual.