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KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef
KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef
KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef
KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef
KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef
KMC mobile cooking station Halton MobiChef

KMC – Halton MobiChef mobile cooking station (CE)

For electric cooking appliances

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – Halton MobiChef is a plug and play, highly efficient, and autonomous mobile cooking station. Unleashed from any ventilation ductwork, Halton MobiChef brings the show in the middle of traditional dining areas lacking front cooking poles.

The average ticket gained by live cooking concepts based on fresh ingredients is significantly higher. They also significantly increase the restaurant’s profitability.


Catering is not just about eating food, it’s an experience. The kitchen of today is resolutely open, putting on a show for guests who are increasingly keen to see the preparation of what they are about to savour.

This strong trend also constitutes a business opportunity: the average ticket potential with live cooking concepts is usually significantly higher. Being able to move the show where it is of most value delivers an additional asset to this increase in profitability.

Halton MobiChef brings you all these benefits. It is a plug and play, highly efficient and totally autonomous mobile cooking station. It requires no ductwork connection. Cook live, anything, anytime, anywhere!

To achieve that goal, Halton’s engineers have concentrated all their experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and emission control.

  • HACCP(1) certified.
  • No need for a connection to the exhaust ductwork.
  • Compatible with all electric and modular cooking appliances of 700 or 900 mm depth.
  • The productivity and ergonomics are equivalent to a fixed and traditional cooking operation.
  • The front and sides Capture Jet™ technology reduces the exhaust airflow rates required making the unit compact and surprisingly quiet in operation.
  • Totally plug and play with a user friendly integrated LCD touch screen.
  • The system automatically maintains constant exhaust airflow rates at the three available speeds.
  • High-efficiency KSA multi-cyclone filters (UL, NSF and LPS 1263 classified) as the first of the 7 filtration stages.
  • High efficient filtration process removes drastically the grease and smoke particles released by the cooking appliances while greatly reducing the odour emissions.
  • Additional working surface in quartz and integrated  LED spotlights.

(1) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


Is  Halton Mobichef the Cadillac or Ferrari of Ventilation?

Hear what talented chefs, Linnea Vihonen and Teemu Laurell, think about their first experience with Halton’s MobiChef recirculation units. They made it possible to cook right in the middle of the lounge area of one of Eckerö Line cruise ships as part of Maalla, merellä ja lautasella (On land, sea, and plate) culinary adventure TV program.

Tommy Mäkinen also explains how the production company came to select this original solution.


Halton Mobichef for La Maison Rouge (France)

Halton MobiChef is a highly efficient, self-contained mobile filtration station. It combines all the experience and expertise that Halton has gained controlling emissions from professional kitchens.


Halton Mobichef for Kristal Büfe (Turkey)

Unleashed from any ventilation ductwork, Halton MobiChef brings the show anywhere without the risk of guests being offended by cooking odours – even in enclosed spaces. Kristal Büfe has chosen Halton Mobichef mobile cooking station. See for yourself how efficient it is!



KMC – Halton MobiChef mobile cooking station (CE)
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KMC – Station de cuisson mobile Halton MobiChef (CE)
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