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KSH-6 freestanding ductless hood
KSH-6 freestanding ductless hood

KSH-6 – Freestanding ductless hood (UL)

UL Listed – Halton’s KHS-6 freestanding ductless hood is a one-of-a-kind, Type 1, stainless steel unit, which features our proven Electrostatic Air Cleaning system, meeting vapor removal requirements for various appliances. The compact, simple design of the KSH-6 eliminates the need for expensive roof modifications and the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers for separate hood and electrical systems.


  • Optional stand eliminates need for side clearances and makes installation much easier.
  • The fire suppression system used in the Halton Ventless Hood is an Ansul R-102A fire suppression system. Our system includes internal piping, plenum nozzles, and conduit for routing the fusible link cable. Final installation, charging, and system testing must be performed by an authorized Ansul distributor or other fire protection agent, is the sole responsibility of the customer, and is NOT included with purchase.
  • Halton’s KSH-6 comes complete with (2) Baffle Filters, (2) Pre-Filters, (2) EAC Filters, (2) Charcoal Filters, (1) EAC SoakTank and (1) Manual.


KSH-6 – Freestanding ductless hood (UL)
Halton KSH-6 VentlessHood
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