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Amphia Hospital

Breda, The Netherlands (2019)

Amphia Breda

A modern top clinical hospital where the patient is in the center of focus and where the most innovative technology is used – that is what you can expect from the new hospital of Amphia Breda. The new, modern hospital is equipped with the innovative devices. A new operating department with sixteen operating rooms, of which two are hybrid, one robot OR, three cardiology and ten standard operating rooms: this is the new operating complex in the new building of Amphia. 

Read more about the innovations in Amphia in Dutch.

Halton Vita OR Space in Amphia Breda

Amphia Hospital chose innovative Halton Vita OR Space solution in two hybrid operating rooms in the hospital to ensure cleanliness in the whole operating room and the flexibility in using the space.

The aim was to keep the high level of cleanliness for the safety of the patients and medical staff while accommodating a lot of devices essential in this type of room. The short recovery time was also important advantage of the solution.

concertium Four Care Amphia project
In the new building of the top clinical hospital Amphia in Breda, the Netherlands, the Halton Vita OR system has been used for the two new hybrid operating rooms. Halton has provided adequate support both in the design process with the users and in the realization of the construction of the OR-complex. This has led to a perfect end result with two well-functioning hybrid operating rooms.
Michel Krombeen, BEng, Manager Design