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Canadian Forces Base (CFB), Trenton


Quinte West, Ontario, Canada (2022)

Canadian Forces Base Trenton, formerly RCAF Station Trenton, is a Canadian Forces base located within the city of Quinte West, Ontario. It is operated as an air force base by the Royal Canadian Air Force and is the hub for air transport operations in Canada and abroad.

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Canadian Forces Base Trenton undergoes major Renovation of their Galley

Bargreen Ellingson looked to partner with a kitchen ventilation company that could meet the demanding delivery schedule established by the Department of Defence. and provide industry-leading technology that could be adapted to the Department of Defence’s needs. In addition to the rigorous schedule, the project was initiated during the pandemic adding another layer of challenges.

The Project Coordinator for Bargreen Ellingson reached out to Halton Canada based on previous projects we collaborated on. The successful partnership would be put to the test since Halton also provided project management services. From design concept to design drawings, approvals, demolition, manufacturing, installation, and start-up, Halton Canada was there every step.

Halton Answers the Call by Canada’s Department of Defense

Typically it takes 12-24 months for the bid process and contractor assignment to progress into installation, but the project was condensed into a 6-month time frame. On top of the compressed schedule, Halton took care of components and related trades:  From demolition and removal to installation of Exhaust Hoods, Utility Distribution Systems, Duct Work, M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation, Fire Suppression, Electrical, Plumbing, Exhaust Fans, and Make-up air units. Our network of partners needed to be capable of meeting the services and time frames expected.

With a Turnkey project Renovation, contingencies need to be built into the schedule as invariably, with each removal of a board, wall, or piece of equipment, something unforeseen could arise. A few examples were, Asbestos discovered in the Ceiling, the roof structure not being able to support new equipment, and electrical service without enough capacity to handle the new equipment. Manufacturing and delivering equipment with supply chain issues came with its challenges on top of a compressed delivery schedule. Between November and December of 2021, Halton Canada built and delivered Capture Jet exhaust canopies and M.A.R.V.E.L Systems with 3 KDS Utility Distribution Systems for a total of 67 feet of systems coming from Halton Canada, and Make-up air units and Exhaust fans coming from Halton U.S.A.

Halton Canada was the perfect partner for this large complex project for the Canadian Government. The project involved 16 hoods, 2 UDS, plus all the MUA, fans, condensing units and ducting for the complete replacement of the kitchen exhaust system in 8 different areas at Canada’s largest air force base. The team at Halton Canada rose to the occasion and met the challenging demands of this complicated project with efficiency and professionalism. They certainly lived up to their reputation as one of the premier commercial ventilation manufacturers in the world.
Adrian Tuck, Contract Sales & Design – Bargreen Ellingson Canada
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