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Halton Innovation Hub - China - Shanghai - Outdoor view

Expertise in high performance kitchen ventilation solutions specific to Asian cooking processes

Halton Innovation Hub, Shanghai, China

Joining with Malaysia, the Shanghai hub develops ventilation solutions that address the demands and needs of the Asian cooking processes and their specific cooking appliances.

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Specific cooking appliances call for specific expertise, design considerations and solutions.

High input power wok burners, high capacity rice cookers, dim sum steamers or tandori ovens are just some examples of heavy duty cooking appliances that characterize the Asian cooking modes. Some of them require customized manufacturing measures for the hoods or ventilated ceilings used downstream of the ventilation systems. ALL of them require a specific skill and knowledge to correctly assess and address the heat, smoke, and steam loads released to determine the exhaust’s most efficient levels.

Asia is the region where the display kitchens are in more widespread use and growing, with some of the most audacious architectural projects.

Together with the expansion of its manufacturing capacities for Asia, Halton decided very early to invest in R&D centres dedicated to this specific market: one in China, the other in Malaysia. They have naturally evolved into two additional Innovation hubs to address the growing demand for your specific needs.