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Halton factory in Lahti, Finland concentrates on innovating and manufacturing products for demanding applications such as marine and energy production environments.

Innovating, Introducing, Testing and Verification for Halton Products and Solutions for Marine Applications and Energy Production Environments

Halton has been testing its products and solutions for demanding applications at its factory in Lahti, Finland for over 30 years. Ever since the beginning we have been also innovation together with our customers to achieve the safest, energy efficient and most comfortable solutions for the end users.

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Halton Mock-up Galley for Testing and Verification

Welcome inside the Halton mock-up galley where we are introducing a selection of Halton hoods specifically designed for marine and offshore applications. All our hoods follow UPSHS guidelines. The hoods are equipped with Halton technological innovations; KSA filters, Capture Jet technology, UV-light technology, automatic water wash system, M.A.R.V.E.L. demand-based ventilation and Halton Culinary Lights. The Halton control cabinets that are the core of the intelligence in galley are on display and ready for testing at the galley. Our mock-up galley will be connected to Halton Connect IoT-network during year 2020.
We are also show-casing our solutions for display cooking: Halton Marine MobiChef and JES Extraction System.