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Innovation Hub - France - Béthune - Display kitchen

If you enjoy hands-on experiences, this Innovation Hub dedicated to kitchen ventilation is made for you!

Halton Innovation Hub, Béthune, France

This hub’s essence is a fully operational display kitchen equipped with all our innovative technologies, without exception. Enjoy a facility fully oriented to uplifting demonstrations and to an immersive culinary experience!

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Be immersed in gastronomical delights and Halton technologies as the benefits reveal themselves to you!

During the challenging and sometimes stressful design period of a kitchen/restaurant, Halton wants to remove ventilation as a source of that stress and create peace of mind, before the investment! That is what was envisioned when designing our brand-new Halton Innovation Hub. At its core is a state-of-the-art and fully operational show kitchen.

All our innovative technologies, without exception, are showcased in real world conditions. The only difference with any other display kitchen is that we also equipped it the ability to show their efficiency.