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A dedicated Innovation Hub to address the continually growing environmental demands of commercial kitchens

Halton Innovation Hub, Rochester, United Kingdom

Ideally located South-East of London, Rochester’s Innovation Hub stands alongside our Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Pollution Control solutions for commercial kitchens. Establish your restaurants wherever you chose and where they are of most value.

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Imagine you can readily establish restaurants in premium locations, where they are of most value?

Facing growing environmental demands, the establishment of commercial kitchens in densely populated urban locations is increasingly subject to specific design mandates to reduce energy usage (or other resources such as water) and reduce their impact on the neighbourhood. After all, no neighbouring property would want to be exposed to the odours, smoke, or grease discharged from a commercial kitchen.

Conversely, catering operations are prevented from some premium premises with no extraction possibility, or installing ventilation ductwork is not allowed by the joint ownership.

The Rochester factory and Innovation Hub is our Excellence Centre in developing and manufacturing Pollution Control solutions. Learn how you can design your restaurant in premium locations, where they are of most value, whether ventilation to the atmosphere can be used or not, without concern for the neighbourhood or local authorities’ complaints.