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Highest value of ownership and peace of mind with Halton Care intelligent services for commercial kitchens

2 contract types
Safe & Premium
Contracts adjusted to your needs
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Halton Care offering
  • Halton Connect as a service
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See for yourself the general presentation of Halton Connect & Care.

Halton Care brings predictive maintenance and optimization to the forefront

Halton Care smart services are powered by Halton Connect web portal. It provides you with accurate and practical information through an easy to understand user interface. It also provides our service teams and engineers vital information facilitating smart predictive maintenance.

There is a substantially more to come. Our engineers routinely study the collected data. They can optimise your systems’ operation by adjusting set points or providing recommendations to the kitchen staff, such as equipment utilisation.

Halton Connect graphics provide a highly visual way of verifying systems performance.

This screen details, the primary information about CCW control cabinet used to manage the automatic washing cycles of the hoods’ or ventilated ceilings’ filters. The graphic shows the evolution of the water temperature at the control cabinet’s inlet.

The peaks shown indicate the washing cycles functioning correctly each day and at the water’s correct temperature.

This screen shows the primary information regarding M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology. The graphics show the evolution of the exhaust airflow demand in blue and the airflow achieved in red.

The curve mismatch shows the hood did not achieve design airflow rates, and the fan performance should be investigated.

Our engineers have access to advanced data analytics that are key in Halton Care smart services.

Halton Care offers two customizable maintenance contract types(1) to address all needs

Halton Care Safe

Fixed number of scheduled maintenance visits(2)
Reactive call outs included

Halton Care Premium

Halton Care Safe
Halton Connect Premium(3) access
Maintenance visits scheduled when needed (4)
Automatic adjustment of the contract duration (5)
Software maintenance and update of Halton Connect