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Halton central vacuum cleaning system is in use of different types of industrial buildings

The supplier of industrial central vacuum cleaning systems for heavy industry applications

If you are looking for a system that removes dirt from the air and does not recirculate it back, we are the right partner for you. We have a central vacuum cleaning for industrial use.

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Typical challenges

Typical challenges in cleaning on board can relate to efficiency of the cleaning both air quality wise and cost wise. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Halton ProClean central vacuum cleaning system creates a healthier environment by removing hazardous micro-dust and avoiding the creation of dust raising swirls. It is far more economical, more durable to use and it reduces significantly the amount waste.

We have delivered industrial quality central vacuum cleaning systems to different types of industrial applications.

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Why choose Halton

Halton is the supplier of industrial type of central vacuum cleaners with over 2500 systems delivered from industrial applications, hotels, offshore rigs, hospitals, hotels, offshore rigs to ships.

• 2500+ industrial quality central vacuum cleaning systems delivered

• Central Vacuum Cleaning System promotes good indoor air by removing detrimental micro-dust efficiently without circulating it back to the indoor air as traditional vacuum cleaners do.

• Greener choice – less waste compared to traditional vacuum cleaners

• Designed to last as long as the building life cycle

• Improved air quality and safety

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