发帖: 13/12/2019

NEW Halton contributes to promoting people’s wellbeing in hotel environments by providing clean and fresh indoor air with Halton’s central vacuum cleaning system (CVC)

Halton's CVC system is simply the best and most sustainable vacuum cleaning solution in a hotel environment, promoting people's wellbeing while delivering cost savings with a quick...
发帖: 13/12/2019

SAFETY Halton offers blast protection in demanding industrial applications

Read our first article about Blast Protection in Halton's "Protecting People, Surroundings and Assets in Demanding Industrial Environments" article series focusing on protection...
发帖: 08/09/2019

NEW PRODUCT Halton BDH Blast Damper – New Superior Performance for Blast Protection

Blast dampers are required in buildings that are designed to be blast resistant. In case of explosion, the pressure wave closes the blades and stops the wave from entering the building.
发帖: 30/08/2019

EXHIBITION Meet Halton at Wind Power 2019

Halton Ventilation (Shanghai) Ltd., Co. will attend China Wind Power 2019 in Beijing, China during October 22 to 24. Meet us at CWP, hall E1, stand E124 and learn about Halton’s HVAC products for...
发帖: 23/08/2019

EXHIBITION Come and meet Halton during MCE Asia Singapore at Booth 2-J06

Meet us at the MCE Asia Singapore 2019, September 4-6...
发帖: 06/08/2019


In November 2019, Halton Marine is taking part in the 22nd Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). The event will be held between 11 Nov and 14 Nov 2019 in Abu Dhabi...
发帖: 22/10/2019

Now hiring Customer Service Applications Manager for Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Halton Canada is looking for a Customer Service Applications Manager for Mississauga, Ontario.
发帖: 15/10/2019

Haemme Tuotemallintaja

Haemme vakituiseen työsuhteeseen tuotemallintajaa Kausalan toimipisteeseen
发帖: 11/10/2019

Now hiring Air Diffusion Specialist

SBA Halton is looking for an Air Diffusion Specialist to our product development in Kausala