CBX - Chilled beam



  • 与主动式冷梁的工作方式相似,不同之处在于该冷梁四面送风。
  • 由于高效混合了房间空气,因此即使提高了制冷能力,四面送风也可确保良好的室内环境。由于该装置体积小巧、工作高效,因此可有效利用吊顶空间。
  • 典型应用环境:办公室和房间、学校、公共场合、零售商店。


  • 送风、制冷
  • 送风、制冷和供热


主动式冷梁的宽度和高度分别为 595 mm 和 220 mm。
主动式冷梁的风管入口直径为 125 mm。

所有可见部分都应涂有光泽度为 20% 的RAL 9003 白色油漆。
所有水管都由铜制成,水管的管壁厚度为 0.9-1.0 mm。
根据情况,使用两个 12 mm 的水管以串联方式组成制热系统的热交换器。

水管系统可经受的最大工作压力为 1.0 MPa。


Halton CBX

A comfort unit with 4-way air distribution

Halton CBX comfort unit with 4-way air distribution

  • Operates like an active beam with an exception that it has four directional air distributions.
  • Four directional air supply to ensure good room conditions even with higher cooling capacities due to efficient mixing with the room air.
  • Efficient use of ceiling space due to the compact size and efficiency of the unit.

Typical applications: offices and rooms, schools, public spaces, retail. 

 Product models 

  • Supply air, cooling
  • Supply air, cooling and heating




 Intergration with suspend ceiling


Size kg
( water excluded)
CBX   600 12,6
CBX 1200 25,9






 Front panel

 Galvanised steel

 Polyester-painted, white
 (RAL 9003/30% gloss)

 Special colours available

 Frame (side)


 Polyester-painted, white
 (RAL 9003/30% gloss)

 Special colours available

 Frame (end)


 Polyester-painted, white
 (RAL 9003/30% gloss)

 Special colours available

 Supply air plenum

 Galvanised steel




 Galvanised steel



 Coil pipes




 Coil fins









 Cooling model TC=C  Unit with cooling water
 circulation in the coil

 Cooling copper water pipe
 connections  are Ø 12 mm

 Combined cooling and
 heating coil

TC = H

 Unit with cooling and
 heating water circulation
 in the coil

 Cooling/heating copper water pipe
 connections are Ø 12/12 mm

Cooling/heating water pipe connections are Cu12/Cu12 mm with wall thickness of 0.9-1.0 mm fulfilling European Standard EN 1057:1996.

The maximum chilled/hot water circuit operating pressure is 1.0 MPa.
The supply air duct connection is 125 mm.


Halton CBX is a comfort units which operates like active beams with the exception of  4-way directional air distribution instead of two. It is a compact unit for cooling, heating and supply air for flush installation within a suspended ceiling.

The primary supply air enters the plenum of the Halton CBX active chilled beam. From there it is diffused into the room through nozzles. Supply slots are located at the bottom of the beam on all the four sides. The supply air nozzle jets induce efficiently ambient room air. This induced air flows through the heat exchanger, where it is either cooled or heated. The supply air jet is directed horizontally along the ceiling surface. Supply air is mixed efficiently with the room air even with high cooling and heating capacities ensuring good indoor environment. 

Fig.1. Normal flow

Fig.2. Boost flow

Halton CBX cooling capacity is adjusted by lowering the frontplate from the normal position ( 1 ) to boost position ( 2 ) for a higher capacity, which is benefical in the case of meeting rooms.


Halton CBX comfort unit is suitable for various applications due to its compact size. When selecting the chilled beam orientation, the location of the supply air and water circuit connections must be taken into account.

The chilled beam can be attached directly to the ceiling surface (H1 = 220 mm) or suspended using threaded drop rods (8 mm). Ceiling installation with brackets that are located at the sides of the unit.

Install the main pipelines of the cooling and heating water circuits above the level of the CBX chilled beam in order to enable venting of the pipework.

The duct connection is located either at the left or right side of the chilled beam compared to the pipe connections (see locations on the dimensions page).

Change to the side of connection can be made on site by rotating the heat exchanger.



The recommended cooling water mass flow rate is 0.02 - 0.10 kg/s, resulting in a temperature rise of 1- 4 °C in the heat exchanger. To avoid condensation the recommended inlet water temperature of the heat exchanger is 14-16 °C.


The recommended heating water mass flow rate is 0.01- 0.06 kg/s, resulting in a temperature drop of 5-15 °C in the heat exchanger.
The maximum recommended temperature of the inlet water for the heat exchanger is 35 °C.

Balancing and control of water flow rates

Balance the water flow rates of the chilled beam with adjustment valves installed on the outlet side of the cooling and heating water loops. The cooling capacity and heating capacity of the chilled beam are controlled by regulating the water mass flow rate. The water mass flow rate can be controlled by using an ON/OFF valve or a two- or three-way proportional valve.

Adjustment of the supply airflow rate

Each chilled beam is equipped with a measurement tap for static pressure measurement, which enables fast and accurate measurement of the rate of supply-air flow through the beam. The air-flow rate is calculated by means of the formula below.

Where the k value is determined according table below: 

Nozzle Size k [l/s] k [m3/h]
A 600 0,64 2,30
A 1200 1,03 3,71
B 600 0,85 3,06
B 1200 1,47 5,29
C 600 1,16 4,18
C 1200 1,93 6,95
D 600 1,73 6,23
D 1200 2,95 10,62
E 600 2,87 10,33
E 1200 4,75 17,10

Δpm measured static chamber pressure, Pa


Code Description
1.   Front panel
2.   Heat exchanger
3.   Supply air connection
4.   Frame

Remove the front panel to access for the supply air plenum, the ductwork and the heat exchanger.
Clean the supply air plenum and finned coils of the heat exchanger with a vacuum cleaner, taking care not to damage the finned coils.

Clean the front panel and the side frames when required using a damp cloth.


The active chilled beam has an integral recirculation air path through the perforated front panel.

The front panel is removable in order to allow general maintenance and cleaning.
The front panel is removable without any special tools.
The air supply to the room space is four directional.
The active chilled beam is 595 mm wide and 220 mm high.
The active chilled beam has an inlet duct diameter of 125 mm
The position of the water connections can be changed by turning around the heat exchanger without special tools
The plenum and front are made of galvanised steel plate.
The frame is made of aluminium

All visible parts are white, painted to RAL 9003, 30% gloss.
All pipes are manufactured from copper, and connection pipes with a wall thickness of 0.9-1.0 mm.
The fins are manufactured from aluminium.
Optionally, heating is incorporated within the heat exchanger by means of two 12 mm pipes, connected in series.

All joints are soldered and factory pressure-tested.
The pipeworks maximum operation pressure is 1.0 MPa.
The active chilled beam has a measurement tap to allow air flow measurement.

Active chilled beams are protected by a removable plastic coating.
The duct connection and pipe ends remains sealed during transport.
The active chilled beams are identified by a serial number printed on labels attached to both the active chilled beam and the plastic packaging.

Order code


S = Direction of supply patterns & nozzle type
       A         Four-directional / Nozzle 1
       B         Four-directional / Nozzle 2
       C         Four-directional / Nozzle 3
       D         Four-directional / Nozzle 4
       E         Four-directional / Nozzle 5

E = Duct connection
       R2N    Right / 125 / Without damper
       L2N     Left   / 125 / Without damper

L =Length
      600  or 1200

Other options and accessories

TC  = Cooling / Heating functions (Coil type)
          C       Cooling
          H       Cooling and Heating

CO = Colour
SW     White (RAL 9003)
          X        Special colour

ZT  = Tailored product
N        No
          Y        Yes (ETO)

 Code example 

          CBX/B-R2N-1200, TC=C, CO=SW, ZT=N

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