WTS - Grille


于2018年 10 月 1日停产
-> 被Halton WDD所替代




  • 适于透过墙壁水平供风,同时也可用于排气
  • 前排叶片固定、流型稳定且无垂直偏转
  • 后排叶片可调,能控制空气射流发生水平偏转
  • 采用铝制结构,外观雅致
  • 格栅可拆卸,便于清洁格栅和管道
  • 连续格栅配有模块化构造


  • 流量调节阀
  • 可选配具备测量和调节功能的静压箱
  • 安装架

该格栅具有可调的前排水平叶片和后排立式叶片,同时包含一个 18 mm 宽的平整外框,且经过白色 (RAL 9010) 环氧喷漆处理。外框和立式叶片由钢材制成。格栅长度小于 600 mm 处的水平叶片由钢材制成。格栅长度大于 600 mm 处的水平叶片由铝材制成。通过改变前排和后排叶片的叶片角度可控制进气射流的方向。使用安装架将格栅连接至管道。

方案 1




Halton WTS - terminated as of 1 October 2018
-> replaced with Halton WDD


  • Horizontal air supply, suitable also for exhaust
  • Adjustable vertical rear vanes, adjustable horizontal front vanes
  • Robust steel construction
  • Detachable grille enables cleaning of the grille and ductwork


  • Airflow adjustment damper
  • Plenum options with measurement and adjustment functions
  • Installation frame


LxH L1 L2 H1 H2
200x100 220 176 120 76
250x100 270 226 120 76
300x100 320 276 120 76
300x150 320 276 170 126
400x150 420 376 120 126
400x200 420 376 220 176
600x200 620 576 220 176
800x200 820 776 220 176
1000x200 1020 976 220 176
600x300 620 576 320 276
800x300 820 776 320 276
1000x300 1020 976 320 276
1000x400 1020 976 420 376
1200x400 1220 1176 420 376

With OD (airflow adjustment damper) total depth is 48 mm + 45 mm.

Special dimensions

In addition to standard sizes, other dimensions are available by special order. The maximum size is 1200 mm x 600 mm (LxH).
The special length and the special height will be a multiple of 50 mm.


 Part  Material  Finishing  Note
 Frame  Steel  Epoxy-painted,
 (RAL 9010/50% gloss)
 Special colours
 Vertical vanes  Steel  Epoxy-painted,
 (RAL 9010/50% gloss)
 Special colours
 Horizontal vanes
 Steel  Epoxy-painted,
 (RAL 9010/50% gloss)
 Special colours
 Horizontal vanes
 Aluminium  Epoxy-painted,
 (RAL 9010/50% gloss)
 Special colours
 Installation frame  Galvanised steel    
 Plenum box / spigot  Galvanised steel    


 Accessory Code  Description
 Balancing plenum PRL  For balancing & equalising the airflow
 and attenuating the duct noise
 Plenum BDR  Plenum for duct connection
 (with or without attenuation material)
 Airflow measurement and
 adjustment unit
MSM  For supply installation
 Airflow measurement and
 adjustment unit
MEM  For exhaust installation
 Sound attenuation IN  Mineral wool for the BDR plenum box.
 Mineral wool and  polyester fibre
 for the PRL plenum box
 Flow adjustment damper OD  Aluminium opposite blade damper
 for airflow adjustment
 Installation frame IF  For installation without plenum
 Visible screw fastening SF  Screw fastening
 Concealed screw fastening CC  For installation with BDR plenum or IF frame


Supply air is supplied through the horizontal front and vertical rear vanes into the space. The supply air mixes with room air in front of the grille.
The flow pattern can be adjusted by changing the angles of the adjustable vanes.
In wall installations, the recommended distance from the ceiling is 200 mm, when the supply air is directed to the ceiling.
The grille can also be used as an exhaust unit.


The grille is connected to the duct either directly using the IF/WTS installation frame, or using a Halton PRL balancing plenum or Halton BDR plenum.

Installation frame, IF/WTS              Balancing plenum, PRL         Plenum box, BDR

Clips fastening (standard)

The grilles are delivered with spring fastening as standard.
Spring fastening is used with Halton PRL, Halton BDR and IF/WTS.

Concealed screw fastening


Concealed screw fastening is possible when the grille is installed with an installation frame (IF/WTS) or with a Halton BDR plenum; not with a Halton PRL balancing plenum. Holes are provided for screws in BDR.

Visible screw fastening

For large grilles, we recommend using visible screw fastening. The auto screws, 4.2x25 (bevel headed screw) are supplied.

The dimensions of the installation holes are LxH when an installation frame is used, and (L-5)x(H-5) without installation frame.


In order to enable airflow adjustment and measurement of airflow rate we recommend connecting the grille to a Halton BDR plenum or Halton PRL balancing plenum equipped with the MSM/MEM module.
The supply flow rate is determined by using the measurement and adjustment module MSM and the exhaust flow rate by measuring the static pressure of the plenum.
Detach the grille and pass the tubes and control spindle through the grille.
Measure the differential pressure with a manometer.
The flow rate is calculated using the formula below:

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved.
Lock the damper position with a screw.
Replace the tubes and spindle into the plenum and replace the grille.

The k-factor for installations with different safety distances
(D= duct diameter).

BDR >6xD min 3xD
100 6 7
125 10 12
160 19 22
200 28 32
250 49 51
315 77 83

Airflow adjustment damper OD

The airflow rate can also be adjusted by turning the damper blades behind the grille with a screwdriver. The measurement is carried out when grille is installed.


Remove the grille by gently drawing it out by the frame. Use a screwdriver if necessary.
Clean the parts by wiping them with a damp cloth.
Push the grille back into place until the springs lock (or fix by screwing on the concealed screws).

With balancing plenum Halton PRL + MEM or Halton BDR + MEM

Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling the shaft (NB not the control spindle)
Wipe the parts with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water.
Remount the measurement and adjustment module by pushing in the shaft until the module meets the stopper.
Push the grille back into place until the springs lock.


The grille has adjustable horizontal front vanes and adjustable vertical rear vanes, and an 18 mm wide flat frame, epoxy-painted with a white (RAL 9010) colour.
The frame is made of steel. The vertical vanes are made of steel.
Where the length of the grille is smaller than 600 mm, the horizontal vanes are made of steel.
Where the length of the grille is greater than 600 mm, the horizontal vanes are made of aluminium.
The supply air jet is directable by changing the vane angles of the front and rear vanes.
The grille can be connected to the duct using an installation frame.

Alternative 1

The grille can be connected to the ductwork using a plenum, with mineral wool as sound insulation material.

Alternative 2

The grille can be connected to the ductwork using a balancing plenum, which comprises sound attenuation material made of mineral wool or polyester fibre with a washable surface.

The plenum comprises an airflow measurement and adjustment unit.
The grille is removable in order to provide access to the measurement and adjustment module in the plenum.

Order Code


L = Length
       200, +50, .., 1200

H = Height
       100, +50, .., 600

Other options and Accessories

FS  = Fastening
          CL         Clips
          SF         Screw fastening
          CC         Concealed screw fastening

CO = Colour
         W           White (RAL 9010)
         X             Special colour

ZT = Tailored product
         N            No
         Y            Yes

Sub products

          BDR     Plenum
          PRL      Balancing plenum
          IF         Installation frame (Grilles)
          OD       Opposed blade damper (Grilles)

Code example

             WTS-200-100, FS=CL, CO=W, ZT=N

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