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Mobile Isolation Unit

Halton supplies Mobile Isolation Units, designed to offer optimal room conditions for better healing. In emergency cases, where healthcare systems are reaching their carrying capacity limits due to the growing need for medical care, Mobile Isolation Units provide a quick set-up solution to provide fast relief for the healthcare and hospital premises.
Mobile Isolation Units provide a suitable hospital setting with the necessary amount of units. The concept of the Mobile Isolation Units varies from a single patient isolation room with anteroom and bathroom to a cohesive mobile hospital unit with multiple modular units connected by a common corridor. There are various options available in assembling the units. The flexible design concept allows the units to be built in immediate synergy with existing hospital buildings or to a remote distance to reduce disruption to the daily functions of the healthcare facility. Each unit is equipped with an air management system, air purifier, and general LED lighting. The materials used are flame retardant and suitable for preventing the spread of germs. The units are designed and manufactured at the production plant, fitted according to the client’s order, and delivered on-site ready to operate.
Patients with high-infectious diseases ought to be treated in a way that ensures treatment without risk of cross-contamination. The air management system is designed to maintain optimal thermal and epidemiological conditions while preventing the risk of cross-contamination by producing negative air pressure in the room. A low noise level ensures a comfortable environment for the patients and the medical team.
Read more about Mobile Isolation Units from here. Contact Henrik Hansen ( for further information about the solution.
Example 1: Isolation unit with an observation room.
Example 2: A complex of 10 modules connected by a common corridor.