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Halton Group opens its 9th Innovation Hub in Germany

Halton Group, which focuses on indoor air systems for demanding indoor environments, has opened new research and development premises, a Halton Innovation Hub, connected to its German factory in Reit im Winkl. The new hub focuses on testing and measurements of ventilation and air flow in professional kitchens, with a view to strengthening the company’s position in the market.   

Testing and validating the functionality of systems tailored for demanding customer environments is essential to Halton’s way of operating and of serving customers. The Innovation Hub is bringing new scope and accuracy to the company’s testing methods.

“The new Innovation Hub will use ultrasound technology to examine airflow patterns, rather than using only traditional methods such as orifice plates. This will help to reduce the margin of error in measurements to as low as to 1%,” says Heinz Ritzer, Director of Halton’s German operations.

“An Innovation Hub in Germany will enable the major acceleration of product and solution development in the related unit. The new hub will increase the unit’s impact on our business and strengthen our local presence, which is important to customers in the region,” he says.

Besides the testing area, the factory hosts a new show kitchen environment presenting the company’s unique ventilated ceilings and kitchen hood solutions, which also come with an integrated lighting system that adapts to the human circadian cycle. These ventilated ceilings and integrated lighting solutions were largely developed in Halton’s German factory.

The show kitchen also operates Halton’s patented, demand-based ventilation system, Halton M.A.R.V.E.L., which enables reductions in the energy consumption of professional kitchens by over half, depending on the composition and use of the kitchen.

All installations in the new premises were completed in December 2019 and are now operational.

Halton in Reit im Winkl 

Halton acquired the factory’s original business in 2006. The facilities were expanded in 2017 and the total area of the premises is 6,380m². The factory manufactures ventilated ceilings, other indoor air solutions for professional kitchens and integrated lighting solutions for them, both as standardised and bespoke products. Most of the factory’s production is directed at the German, Austrian and Swiss markets. Reit im Winkl is located around 100km from Munich.

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Georges Gaspar, Director, Halton Foodservice
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