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fancoil swirl diffuser unit
fancoil swirl diffuser unit

JTH 旋转射流散流器

Halton Jaz JTH非常适用于变风量的安装,例如以不同速度运行的风机盘管。

由于气流从垂直向水平方向的调整,散流器还可以轻松地改变布局。为了与不同的内饰相匹配,Halton Jaz JTH有几种外观选择。

  • 旋转射流散流器配有黑色可调塑料空气控制叶片和带穿孔平衡板的静压箱。
  • 叶片可以手动调整,提供水平或垂直送风。


  • 旋转射流散流器配有黑色可调塑料空气控制叶片和带穿孔平衡板的静压箱。
  • 叶片可以手动调整,提供水平或垂直送风。
  • 因此,送风方向可以很容易地与不断变化的建筑布局相匹配。
  • 使用侧面连接的平衡静压箱进行安装。接线盒由镀锌金属板制成。
  • 该装置非常适合变风量安装。
  • 与以各种速度运行的风机盘管装置(根据设置从25%到100%的变风量)完美配合。
  • 水平或垂直送风。因此,送风方向可以很容易地与变化的建筑布局相匹配。
  • 适用于送排风。
  • 天花板集成安装
  • 高混合效果有效降低了送风射流速度。
  • 适合安装在模块化或整体天花板中。
  • 圆形管道与橡胶垫圈连接。


  • 型号采用消音材料(矿棉或聚酯纤维)
  • 测量和风量调节装置(MSM)
  • 不同的前盖样式

Quick selection

Fig.1.  Halton Jaz JTH with star front panel pattern, supply

Fig.2.  Halton Jaz JTH with round front panel pattern, supply

Fig.3.  Halton Jaz JTH with star front panel pattern, exhaust

Fig.3.  Halton Jaz JTH with round front panel pattern, exhaust


L1 L2 H1 H2 ØD
395 367 270 135 124
495 467 270 135 159
595 577 330 165 199
620 587 376 188 249


Part Material Note
Casing Galvanised steel
Front panel Steel with plastic vanes
Attenuation Mineral wool or polyester fibre
Coupling sleeve Galvanised steel
Duct gasket Rubber compound
Finishing Epoxy-painted, white
(RAL 9003/30%)
Special colours available


Accessory Code  Description
Airflow measurement and
adjustment unit
YS Adjustment and measurement module
for supply airflow rate
 Airflow adjustment unit YE Adjustment module for exhaust airflow rate
 Sides of sound attenuation IN 3 sides or 5 sides

Product models

Fig.1.  Front panel size 595×595 mm, round pattern (P=R)

Fig.2.  Front panel size 595×595 mm, star pattern (P=S)


  • The highly efficient mixing of the swirl jet produced by the diffuser reduces the end velocity of the jet, as well as the temperature differences very quickly. This allows the air to be blown into the room free from draughts even under extreme conditions (high air exchange or temperature differences.)
  • The free cross-section is the same in all vane positions, so that pressure loss and volume level do not change when the throw pattern is adjusted.
  • Ensures a high level of airflow volume and rapid  air temperature change while maintaining  low noise levels.
  • Appropriate for air supplier differences up to 10 OC degrees.


We recommend installing the plenum part into the suspended ceiling with metal hangers (not supplied in the delivery) and connected to the ductwork with the spigot equipped with an integral rubber gasket.


The supply volume flow rate is determined using the measurement and adjustment module MSM.

Open the front panel and equalisation plate, pass the tubes and control spindle through the equalisation plate and side slot of the diffuser.

Replace the front panel.

Measure the differential pressure using a manometer. The airflow rate is calculated using the formula below.

Adjust the airflow rate by rotating the control spindle until the desired setting is achieved.
Lock the damper position with a screw.
Reassemble the tubes and spindle into the plenum and replace the diffuser front panel.

The exhaust flow rate is determined by using the separate measurement module located in the equalisation plate.

The k factor for installations with different safety distances
(distance of other items from the MSM):

Safety distance
Spigot (ØD) > 8 x D min 3 x D
125 9,9 12,6
160 16,9 21,9
200 28,3 32,0
250 47,9 51,5


Detach the front panel of the diffuser by removing the central bolt and pulling it down.

Wipe the parts with a damp cloth.

Push the front panel back into place and fasten the central bolt.

Option with balancing plenum

Detach the front panel of the diffuser by removing the central bolt and pulling it down. Remove the measurement and adjustment module by gently pulling out the shaft (Not the control spindle or measurement tubes!).

Wipe the parts with a damp cloth instead of immersing in water.
Remount the measurement and adjustment module by pushing in the shaft until the module meets the stopper.

Push the front panel back into place and fasten the central bolt.


Halton Jaz JTH is a swirl type ceiling diffuser with a square-shaped powder-coated frontplate and a galvanized plenum with perforated balancing plate.

The individually adjustable plastic vanes generate high induction swirl jet which ensures effective mixing of the supply air with air present in the room, as well as enables fast temperature decrease resulting in low air velocities in the comfort zone.

Since the plastic vanes can be adjusted individually, it is allowing users to set the throw pattern according to the room specification.

Order code


S = Model
S       Supply
E       Exhaust

D =  Diameter of duct connection (mm)
125, 160, 200, 250

F  =  Front panel size
395     395×395
495     495×495
595     595×595
620     620×620

P  =  Front panel pattern
R        Round
S        Star

Other options and accessories

CO = Colour 
SW     Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

AT = Sound attenuation material
W       Mineral wool
D        Polyester fibre
N        No attenuation material

IN  =  Sides of sound attenuation
3         Sound attenuation on 3 sides
5         Sound attunuation on 5 sides
N         No sound attenuation

OM = Measurement and adjusment module
YS       MSM (supply)
YE       MEM (exhaust)
NA      No measurement or adjusment module

ZT = Tailored product
N         No
Y         Yes (ETO)

Code example

JTH/S-200-495-R, CO=SW, AT=W, IN=3, OM=YS, ZT=N


Halton Jaz JTH – Swirl diffuser
Halton Jaz JTH – Diffuseur hélicoïdal
JTH 旋转射流散流器
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