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The all-new ModularChef low profile Capture Jet™ Hood saves greatly on energy bills

June 27, 2022

A perfect blend of kitchen performance and energy-saving.

The key to running a successful commercial kitchen is to keep your kitchen as sustainable as possible. One of the most significant energy-consuming components in a commercial food-service facility is the cooking exhaust ventilation system. When it comes to outfitting your commercial kitchen with an exhaust ventilation hood, consideration should be given to equipment that will not only ventilate the kitchen, but also remove hazardous particles and maintain the air quality. In addition, will keep your ventilation energy bill to a bare minimum. The all-new ModularChef by Halton low profile freestanding Capture Jet™ hood, truly fits the bill (first, launched in Asia)!

Using the Capture Jet™ technology, ModularChef ensures up to 55% reduction in exhaust airflow rates compared to the traditional suspended canopy hoods. The exhaust plenum is designed close to the cooking appliances. It can immediately extract the heat, smoke, steam, grease, and other pollutants they release, allowing ModularChef to achieve massive savings on your ventilation energy bill.

If you want to transform your commercial kitchen, be assured that with Halton’s ModularChef, a low-profile Capture Jet™ hood, your ventilation system does not need to be installed at the ceiling. This removes the possibility that a bulky hood might inhibit your kitchen’s expansive view. ModularChef’s design offers the flexibility to connect to the ventilation ductwork on the rear, the side, or from the underside. Its low-proximity Capture Jet™ hood also ensures the wellbeing of chefs as they will not be exposed to the cooking fumes.

What if your commercial kitchen is situated in a low-height room, or it is impractical to hang a traditional suspended cooking hood? In that case, ModularChef’s compact, low profile Capture Jet™ hood, with its numerous connection possibilities to the ductwork combined with the reduction of its section, dramatically facilitates the path of the ductwork to the outside in the most challenging situations. Even in commercial kitchens with standard ceiling heights, ModularChef finds its place with its added benefit of promoting a feeling of openness. Its compact and aesthetic design makes this cooking hood especially suitable for front and show cooking concepts, thus bringing the chefs and guests closer.

ModularChef’s ergonomics are comparable to a hood installed at a regular height, while its comfort and productivity are even better. Offering integrated power supplies, ModularChef’s modular design enables every aspect of configuration, even for long cooking lines. You will also have the flexibility of mixing and matching electrical or gas kitchen appliances.

With its combined features and technology, Halton’s ModularChef low profile Capture Jet™ exhaust hood not only offers significant savings on your energy bill but also does not compromise on smoke, heat, and grease capture with its reduced airflow rates and air quality maintenance. ModularChef is truly an exciting solution to revolutionizing your kitchen, with sustainability being at the core of its design and ensuring your chefs’ wellbeing!

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