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PVKKS – Blast valve

The blast valve PV-KK-S in for mounting on blast resistant wall surface.

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The PV-KK-S blast valve block comprises three spring balanced closing elements moving in a slot and closing the air passage against the valve seats in response to both positive and negative (suction) phase of the blast. The valve blocks are mounted in structural steel frames.


The valve is completely corrosion resistant. The valve closing elements are made of special non-corroding aluminum alloy, all springs are made of stainless steel EN 1.4571 (AISI316Ti), and frame made of structural steel are hot dip galvanized.


The blast valve PV-KK-S is for mounting on blast resistant wall surface. It is specifically designed for installation on steel walls. It can also be installed in existing buildings where casting of the valve frame in concrete is not possible. The valve is also applicable to industrial applications with risk of chemical and dust explosions. The PV-KK-S blast valve is available in various different sizes. Maximum height is 10 rows and width 9 columns. Contact Halton Marine for the availability of frames with custom dimensions. The number of blocks in valve depends on the air flow requirement at desired pressure drop. When the valve dimensions do not match the opening to be covered, custom made adaptors are available.


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