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ULA 圆形送排风口


  • 适用于送排风
  • 墙壁或天花板安装
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  • 适用于送风或排风
  • 墙壁或天花板安装
  • 可调节气流
  • 可以测量风量
  • 降低管道噪声
  • 气流组织可以定向到一个方向
  • 无需安装框架直接安装到管道系统或使用单独的安装框架。


  • 带安装框架的选型
  • 保护圈,防止表面沾污
  • 用于拆卸阀门的延申件

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Fig.1. Halton ULA, radial jet

Fig.2. Halton ULA, exhaust

Dimensions and weight

100 140 133
125 165 155
160 200 189
200 251 240


NS kg
100 0.4
125 0.5
160 0.6
200 0.9


Part Material Note
Collar Steel
Front panel Steel
Attenuation panel Polyethylene
Sector plate Polyethylene
Gasket Polyurethane
Finishing Painted, white
(RAL 9003 / 30%)
Special colour available


Accessory Code Description
Protection ring CS For protection of the surfaces from
smudging and for directing the air jet
in a grid-structured ceiling
Extension part EP Extension part for detaching the
valve from the surface/
standard height 50 mm
Installation frame LF Installation frame without gasket/
height 50 mm
Installation frame GF Installation frame with gasket/
height 50 mm
Installation frame DF Installation frame with duct
dimensions can be installed directly to duct
parts such as bending or T-branch etc

Fig.1. Cover plate (CS)                                 Fig.2. Extension part (EP)

Fig.3. Installation frame (LF)                          Fig.4. Installation frame (GF)

Fig.5. Installation frame (DF)


                            Supply                                                   Exhaust

  • In supply air application in the desired flow pattern is directed using an internal sector plate.
  • Pressure loss and airflow rate are dependent on both the flow pattern adjustment and position of the front panel.
  • The valve attenuates duct noise.
  • The desired pressure loss and airflow rate can be adjusted in an exhaust air application, by removing the sector plate and adjusting the front panel position.


The collar of Halton ULA is installed either directly into the end of a duct with fixing springs or alternatively with the aid of a separate installation frame (LF, GF or DF).
The supply air valve can be installed in contact with the ceiling or wall surface, with or without a protection ring (CS), or with an extension part (EP).

Protection ring (CS)

The CS protection ring protects the surface from smudging and can also be used for directing the air jet in an open grid-structured ceiling installation.

100 290
125 315
160 350
200 400

Extension part (EP)

The EP extension part allows the valve to be suspended from the ceiling surface, allowing the supply air jet to be directed clear of a nearby obstacle.

100 150
125 175
160 210
200 260

Installation hole in hollow core slabs

100 96-101
125 121-126
160 155-161
200 195-201


In the supply application the sector plate is positioned prior to airflow direction. In an exhaust application the sector plate is not used, yet the spring shall be conserved.
The Halton ULA valve is adjusted by rotating the front panel. Measure the opening (A) position (in mm) of the front panel.

Set a probe inside the valve and measure the differential pressure with a manometer. The airflow rate is calculated using the formula below.
After adjustment, lock the front panel with the locking nut.


Code description
1.   Front panel
2.   Sector plate
3.   Collar

Loosen the valve from duckwork and unscrew the front panel (1) from the collar (3) for cleaning. Remove the sector plate (2) by pulling gently to detach the spring. Clean the components with a damp cloth, instead of immersing in water. Reassemble in reverse order after cleaning.


The supply and exhaust valve shall have a detachable front panel and collar made of painted steel, with a white (RAL 9003/30%) standard colour.

The collar shall have fixing springs and comprise a sealing gasket to be fixed directly to the duct.
The front panel shall have a sound attenuation panel to reduce duct noise.

When used for supply, the desired flow pattern shall be adjusted by rotating the front panel and using the internal sector plate (180° or 360°).

Order code


S = Model
N     With fastening springs (standard)
A     For installation with a separate frame

D = Duct connection size (mm)
100, 125, 160, 200

Other options and accessories

CO = Colour
SW    Signal white (RAL 9003)
X        Special colour (RAL xxxx)

ZT  = Tailored poduct
N         No
Y         Yes (ETO)

Sub products

CS     Cover plate
EP     Extension part
LF     Installation frame without a gasket
GF     Installation frame with a gasket
DF     Installation frame for duct parts

Code example

ULA/N-100, CO=SW, ZT=N

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