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HCL – Halton Skyline Culinary and Human Centric Light (CE)

DALI compatible

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. Everyone agrees the light it provides is simply the closest possible to natural light.

Respect for the food colour and texture, Wellbeing of the staff, safety as well as energy savings are its key benefits!

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The impact of lighting in professional kitchens has often been regulated to simply satisfying illumination levels without regard for personal wellbeing.

The link between good lighting, better working conditions and productivity, is now widely recognized. However, what often occurs when a kitchen benefits from excellent lighting levels, the staff is dazzled from reflected light. When dazzling does not occur, the kitchen typically suffers from a lack of illumination that is more harmful for the safety of the staff and hygiene of the kitchen.

Halton’s LED based lighting system has been specifically and exclusively designed for professional kitchens, making it the first Culinary Light that also improves staff’s working conditions. Its Human Centric version further improves staff’s comfort and Wellbeing.

  • Based on the use of two types of spots, both equipped with the latest generation of highly efficient LEDs.
  • Broad beam spot: designed to provide a uniform and bright general lighting. Colour temperature of 4000K with a CRI of 83 and a good balance between the direct and diffuse components of the light.
  • Narrow beam spot: used to further improve the lighting level and the colour render of the food in strategic locations. Colour temperature of 2800K with a CRI of 95.
  • More light without dazzling the staff: the shielding angle of the broad beam spots exceeds DIN EN-12464-1 requirement.
  •  A Colour Rendering Index (CRI) and textures close to the one of daylight, especially when the two spot models are combined together.
  •  Ideal visual comfort for the staff and improved safety.
  •  Human Centric version: the broad beam spots are equipped with two sets of LEDs enabling varying the colour temperature from 2200 to 6500K.
  •  Halton Skyline creates lighting conditions that are Circadian rhythm friendly with recognised biological and proven psychological benefits.
  •  Halton Skyline light fittings consume up to 2,8 times less energy per m2 compared to fluorescent tubes while providing a more uniform light.
  •  50,000 hours lifetime for the LEDs and drivers.
  • On the same period, Halton Skyline also saves the replacement of up to 125% of the fluorescent tubes.
  •  Light sensors available as an option for kitchens that benefit from daylight, to further improve the energy savings.
  •  Advanced controls available.

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