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The industrial central vacuum cleaning system

February 4, 2021

Halton’s industrial central vacuum cleaning system can be customized to meet the cleaning requirements of any industrial facility – whether there is a need to maintain the environmental cleanliness and healthiness or to harness the system as part of the manufacturing operations and production lines.

Our experts can estimate the customer’s process and recommend the most fitting solution according to the requirements. The system’s flexible design concept and our expertise ensure that the Halton central vacuum cleaning system is the right solution for any demanding industrial application!

Case: Halton factory in Lahti

The central vacuum cleaning system was put into operation at the welding department of Halton’s Lahti factory during the year 2019. The system was built to facilitate and speed up the cleaning of the department floor and surfaces. The factory workers can perform the cleaning themselves during the welding operations. The pipes of the central vacuum cleaning system were designed to withstand tough materials transmitting from the welding department.
The system has received positive feedback from the factory workers for its ease of use and swiftness. The system will soon be extended to serve other functions at the factory. The expansion will be done first for the area where the laser machines are situated. A new vacuum cleaning unit will be built in the middle of the factory premises to serve the water wash hood department.

Advantages for the welding department

  • Designed to handle tough materials
  • The inlet valves (hose connection points) of the system are positioned at a height that allows the users to reach them in an ergonomic position
  • Removes even the finest metal dust without creating dust-raising swirls
  • High-performance suction power that makes waste removal or collection for reuse quick and easy
  • Silent and odour-free operation
  • Serves multiple simultaneous users

Long-term benefits


  • Creates a healthy environment by removing hazardous micro-dust and avoiding the creation of dust-raising swirls
  • Prevents absences at work due to allergies and other irritation reactions


  • Ergonomic, lightweight and easy to use, making cleaning up to 55% faster compared to traditional vacuum cleaners

Cost-efficiency and sustainability:

  • In comparison to traditional vacuum cleaners, the Halton central vacuum cleaning system leads to substantial energy savings
  • Designed to serve as long as the factory building itself
  • Minimal need for maintenance throughout its life-cycle
  • Represents sustainable development and green values
  • Available from components to a whole system including design services and installation

For more information

Salla Ahlberg
Marketing Manager, Halton Marine