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Halton CH condensate exhaust hood
Halton CH condensate exhaust hood

CH – Condensate Hood

The CH condensate hood is a steam extraction model and has been specially adapted to capture, condense and remove steam produced by industrial dishwashers, and cooking pots in type ll applications.


  • Condensation is achieved by the use of angled internal baffles and deflectors.
  • Efficient exhaust is maintained by using lateral side slots combined with a large internal volume.
  • Modular construction simplifies design and installation.
  • Manufactured from polished stainless steel, welded design.
  • Surface-mounted light fixtures are available as an accessory.
  • NSF certified


The kitchen hood shall be constructed from 18 gauge stainless steel. The kitchen hoods shall be supplied complete with outer casing / main body, inner liner, exhaust duct, baffle plates, condensate channel, drain tap and assembly brackets.
Outer casing panels shall be constructed of stainless steel with a brushed satin finish. Each joint shall be welded and liquid tight, avoiding harmful dripping of condensation.
All exposed welds are ground and polished to the original finish of metal.


CH – Condensate Hood
CH – Condensate Hood
CH – Condensate Hood

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