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Halton TRS-C 可调喷流风口


Suitable for long distance air suppl

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  • 适用于较远距离的送风
  • 投送角度可调节为上下30度。
  • 表面处理:粉末喷涂
  • 可选附件: 静压箱
  • 调节锥形模块,改变气流投送方向
  • Suitable for long distance air supply.
  • To change airflow direction with adjustment of rotating cone module.
  • The airflow direction can be adjusted ±30 degree.
  • Surface treatment: Power painting
  • Optional accessories: Plenum


规格Size ØD ØD1 可选静压箱Plenum option 静压箱进风口Plenum inlet size
Ø200 199 245 (D+60) x (D+60) x 300 Ø100
Ø300 299 345 (D+60) x (D+60) x 300 Ø150
Ø400 399 455 (D+60) x (D+60) x 300 Ø200
Ø500 499 560 (D+60) x (D+60) x 300 Ø250


确保安装孔尺寸大于等于Φ D。与静压箱相连使用可固定方式。

Ensure the installation hole size not less than Φ D, Plenum and diffuser connection is fixed.

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