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KCV – Ventilated ceiling for dishwashing areas (CE)

With low velocity makeup air and acoustic panels

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – Dishwashing areas are characterised by significant heat and humidity loads, not only from the washing process, but from the kitchenware that comes out and continues to cool down and dry where they are stored. Germs and bacteria on soiled guests’ plates and trays, as well as detergent, constitute additional pollutants. Sound generated by the equipment should also be taken into account.

On KCV ventilated ceilings, the Capture Jet™ technology becomes an option. The rest of the design is similar to KCJ ventilated ceilings.

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Why filtering the exhaust air of dishwashing areas?

The trash (food, napkins etc) on the trays and dirty dishes generate an impressive quantity of dust and particles. If not filtered, this dust quickly builds up deposits inside the ductwork. They are similar to a ”fluff” that is ideal for bacteria development thanks to the steam and heat released by the equipment.

Having a mechanical filtration in dishwashing areas prevents the build-up of these bacteria traps. The dust deposition on the filters after only one day’s operation speaks for itself.

Halton’s KCV ventilated ceiling for dishwashing areas Benefits

The dishwashing areas are often considered as the last wheel of the coach. And yet, if some provisions are not taken, the working conditions inside can easily become a nightmare and hygiene of the kitchenware supposed to be clean can also be compromised.

Dishwashing areas are characterised by huge heat and humidity loads, not only coming from the washing equipment but also from the kitchenware that come out and continue to cool down and dry where they are stored.  Germs and bacteria coming from guests’ plates and trays as well as detergent constitutes additional pollutants. Noise of the equipment should also be taken into account.

On KCV ventilated ceilings, the Capture Jet™ technology becomes an option. The rest of the design is similar to KCJ ventilated ceilings. Combined with KCP passive ceilings, KCV constitutes the best possible solution ensuring the full safety and good working conditions inside dishwashing areas.

  • Turnkey projects: Dimensioning and design of each project «made in Germany», including installation by Halton specialists.
  • Savings on maintenance and enhanced safety: Highly efficient KSA cyclonic filters. Prevents build-up of dirt in the ductwork which constitute a serious hygiene hazard and lowers the ductwork cleaning costs.
  • Can be equipped with double skin panels containing that a special acoustic foam protected by a PUR-plastic film on side of the perforated front. The noise level inside the kitchen can be reduced by up to 25 to 30%.
  • Capture Jet™ technology as an option for a better steam capture and containment.
  • Halton Skyline LED culinary light provides the best visual comfort while contributing to further improve the safety and the energy savings.
  • The Human Centric version of Halton Skyline directly contributes to chefs’ and their teams Wellbeing, especially when extended to all kitchen areas.
  • The high lighting levels help to track the dirt at the outlet of the washing equipment, for better quality control.
  • Unrivalled working conditions due to optimal air quality and thermal comfort, combined with excellent visual and acoustic comfort.
  • The entire system is fully comprehensive and includes extraction, make up air, lighting and a rigid suspended ceiling in stainless steel and/or aluminium.
  • Sturdier and easier to clean: Less parts and less joints. Stainless steel construction.
  • Multiple options for the connection of the washing equipment outlets to the exhaust ductwork, passing thought the ceiling.
  • Adaptable for later modifications to the layout of the dishwashing areas.

More about the main embedded technologies

Halton Skyline

KSA Filters

Recommended combinations with other products or technologies

KCV-WW ceilings can be combined with other Halton technologies or products in order to further enhance the performance of your kitchen, whether talking about the energy savings, safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Impact on the environment.

Further increase the energy savings and improve the working conditions of the staff
Go for M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology for kitchens ventilation

About Halton Skyline

Halton Skyline on ensimmäinen erityisesti ammattikeittiöihin kehitetty LED-pohjainen valaistustekniikka, joka tuo riittävästi valotehoa keittiöihin ilman häikäistymisvaaraa. Halton Skyline on saatavilla Haltonin huuviin, ilmastointikattoihin ja keittiöiden ja ravintoloiden muihin tiloihin, joko integroituna kokonaisuutena tai erillisinä valaisinratkaisuina.

  • Parantaa erinomaisen väritoistonsa ansiosta ruokaturvallisuutta ja tekee samalla ruuasta houkuttelevamman.
  • Luo miellyttävämmän työympäristön ja parantaa merkittävästi keittiön työturvallisuutta.
  • Tuo keittiöön ihmiskeskeisen valaistuksen, jonka ansioista henkilökunta voi paremmin.
  • Tuo merkittäviä energia- ja huoltokustannussäästöjä.


  • KCV – Ventilated ceiling for dishwashing areas (CE)



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  • KCV – Ventilated ceiling for dishwashing areas (CE)



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  • KCV – Plafond filtrant pour laveries (CE)



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  • KCV Ventilerat kökstak för diskrum med tilluft med låg hastighet



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  • KCV Zuluft mit langsamer Geschwindigkeit und Schalldämmpaneele



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  • KCV 带有低速补风系统和隔音面板



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  • Halton FS HCL Skyline Brochure en


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  • Halton FS EAC Certificate 01


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