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JES-RD – Round Jet Extraction System (CE)

Particularly suitable for efficient extraction above guests tables

CE Marked (UKCA pending) – The round Jet Extraction System JES-RD has been specifically designed to provide a high efficiency extraction for cooking appliances fitted at the guest tables such as Korean barbecue. Also suitable for front cooking areas or architectural cooking concepts equipped with low to medium duty, induction, and other tabletop equipment.

The JES is over 95% more efficient at capturing smoke even though it operates at a very low exhaust airflow level. It promotes the feeling of openness, especially when compared to traditional hoods. Its design and the combination of glass/stainless steel make the JES aesthetically pleasing and gives the cooking areas a unique style.

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The JES-RD Jet Extraction System is especially designed for display cooking areas or architectural cooking concepts with low-emission and medium power appliances such as grills, woks or hotplates.
  • Designed to highlight the architectural aesthetics of distribution or show cooking areas.
  • Energy savings due to an excellent exhaust/efficiency balance.
  • 95% capture efficiency due to cyclonic extraction and to the proximity of the glass to the source (no dispersal of odours or smoke).
  • Particularly suitable for cooking islands subject to horizontal sweeping phenomena (due to the possible presence of other extraction systems or hoods installed nearby).
  • Optimal thermal and acoustic comfort in the work zone due to the low level of exhaust rates.
  • The smooth surface and rounded edges minimise maintenance to simple and inexpensive cleaning operations.
  • Lower ductwork maintenance costs thanks to highly efficient AS filters.
  • The optional luminous ring provides a base lighting and underlines the glass plates for a nice visual
  • The optional Halton Skyline LED culinary light provides the best visual comfort while contributing to further improve the safety and the energy savings.
  • The glass plate doubles as a sneeze-guard for guests and staff.
  • Better use of natural lighting and the impression of space due to there being no hoods to obstruct the eye.
  • Compatible with FSS Fire Suppression System.
  • Possibility to co-ordinate the colour to that of the decor.

More about the main embedded technologies

Jet Extraction

Halton Skyline

Recommended combinations with other products or technologies

JES-RD  Systems can be combined with other Halton technologies or products in order to further enhance the performance of your kitchen, whether talking about the energy savings, safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Impact on the environment.

Optimize the ductwork cleaning costs and further improve your safety
Go for KGS grease deposition level monitoring system for ductwork

Operating principle

This test demonstrates the synergy of the JES’s 3 features:
– The proximity of the glass plate to the smoke source naturally increases its capture efficiency;
– The aerodynamic shaped nozzle creates an aspiration cyclone forcing the direction of the smoke plumes towards;
– The glass plate amplifies the cyclone efficiency thanks to the creation of a beneficial air stream along its surface, in the direction of the nozzle (as the threads fixed on the glass surface show in the picture below).


A – Standard model
B – Model with optional luminous ring
C – Model with luminous ring and Halton Skyline LED culinary light

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