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MMC – Halton Marine MobiChef

A totally autonomous mobile cooking station with integrated exhaust air recycling unit.

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  • Totally autonomous mobile cooking station
  • With plug and play technology
  • With Halton Capture Jet technology that creates an air curtain efficiently capturing the effluents and steering them forward to integrated air recycling unit
  • Highly-efficient air recycling unit with a 6-step process
  • Simple and easy-to-use touch screen
  • Maximized glass surface for enhanced viewer experience of cooking
  • Compatible with electric appliances from light-duty table top equipment to traditional 700 and 900 mm deep modular equipment (appliances are not included in Halton’s scope)
  • Construction follows USPHS guidelines


Halton MMC Marine MobiChef is a totally autonomous mobile cooking station for electric appliances. Unleashed from any ventilation ductwork, Halton MMC brings cooking closer to customers and where ever it is needed. The unit is highly efficient and includes a lot of Halton’s experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and emission control for professional kitchens.
Halton MMC Marine MobiChef is fast and easy to set up with plug and play function.


General MMC drawings

Product options

  • Halton MMC is available in different sizes
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
  • Service table on lefthand side


Main body Stainless steel EN 1.4404 (AISI316L)
Glass Tempered and laminated
Light fixture LED strip
Wheels Caster wheel type, front wheels lockable

Capture Jet technology

Halton MMC Marine MobiChef is equipped with Capture Jet technology that ”locks” the upper part and the side of the units by creating air curtain efficiently capturing  smoke  and odours released by the cooking process. The Capture Jets steer the smoke and odours  to KSA multi-cyclone filters of the air recycling unit.

Air recycling unit

Halton MMC Marine MobiChef is integrated with a highly efficient air recycling unit based on 6-step process. It has been designed to remove all grease and smoke particles as well as cooking odours released by the cooking process. After processing the air, the highly-efficient air recycling unit enables discharge of air back into the space. The MMC does not require any connection to an exhaust ductwork.

  1. Mechanical double stage pre-filtration comprising of Halton’s KSA multi-cyclone filters (95% efficient on 10 µm particles and above) and mesh filters. The combination very efficiently removes medium sized particles. Both KSA and mesh filters are cleanable in dishwashing machine.
  2. Disposable pre-filter (EU5, F5 class). The three pre-filtration steps enable the ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator) to work at maximum efficiency, i.e. on small particles.
  3. ESP filter induces an electrostatic charge on the particles allowing them to collect on plates which generate a magnetic field. ESP filters are extremely efficient on fine particles including grease particles and vapour. ESP filter is cleanable.
  4. Absolute filters (efficiency > 95% DOP on 0,3 µm particles). Absolute filters are used to remove ultra fine particles.
  5. and 6. The remaining odours are removed by a combination of activated carbon and chemical pellets.

Touch screen

The user interface of Halton MMC Marine MobiChef has been designed to manage advanced technologies by use of clear visuals which allows easy control of main functions. The remaining life time of the filters are clearly displayed so that the maintenance operations can be easily planned.
Halton MMC Marine MobiChef controls ensure that you are always working at the correct airflow. The speed of the fan is adjusted automatically to compensate for filter pressure losses as they become dirty. The exhaust airflow is then kept constant, ensuring that the capture efficiency remains at its maximum level whatever the state of filters.

Product Code

1710 mm
2110 mm
2510 mm



(SS) Stainless steel EN1.4301
(AS) Stainless steel EN1.4404

(PM)=Washing Pipes Material
(R) Right
(L) Left

(A1) Accessory A1


  • MMC – Halton Marine MobiChef



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  • MMC – Halton Marine MobiChef



    Shape 2
  • MMC – Halton Marine MobiChef



    Shape 2
  • MMC – Halton Marine MobiChef



    Shape 2
  • Halton MMC datasheet 2022


    Shape 2
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