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AEU – Aerolys supply Air Handling Unit (CE)

With Halton’s urban pack including UVGI treatment – Eurovent accredited

CE marked (UKCA pending) – The EUROVENT accredited AEU supply air-handling units have been developed to work in conjunction with and complement PEU exhaust air handling units with pollution control.

The primary function of the AEU units is not merely to introduce replacement air back into a commercial kitchen but to ensure that the quality of that air is as good as it possibly can be.

As with the PEU exhaust units, AEU supply units have been developed on the basis of individual modules which are then selected based on the specific requirements of a given project design requirements.

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Halton’s range of Aerolys AEU supply air handling units is designed to work alongside and complement PolluStop exhaust air handling units in order to comply with the highest hygiene and efficiency requirements inside professional kitchens.

Aerolys units are equipped with the “Urban Pack” comprising high efficient carbon impregnated bag filters and Halton SafeGuard Risk UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) treatment. The bag filters drastically eliminates the gaseous and particulate pollutants. The UVGI lamps prevent the outside viruses and bacteria entering the kitchens and also fights against the known risk of seeing them developing on the coils of the unit, together with mould.

Making up for the exhaust air is not simply a question of blowing in fresh and healthy air. Hygiene can indeed rapidly become compromised if a correct balance between supply and exhaust is NOT kept at all times and in each area of the kitchen. When an energy saving technology like M.A.R.V.E.L. is used, this risk is even higher. In that case, the exhaust airflow rates are constantly adjusted depending on the cooking activity. Aerolys is fully compatible with M.A.R.V.E.L. and strictly follows the “rhythm” thus ensuring the balance is kept.

Therefore, Aerolys units fulfil the strongest hygiene requirements enabling chefs and their teams benefit from the healthiest fresh air and directly contributing to the highest operation safety. When combined with PolluStop air handling units and M.A.R.V.E.L., restaurants can then be established wherever you chose i.e. where they are of most value while benefiting from unrivalled energy savings.

  • Eurovent accredited
  • Specially developed to establish restaurants in dense urban areas or when the quality of the incoming air must be to an extremely high standard (hospitals, care homes, public buildings etc).
  • Wide range of units, from 3,240 to 38,880 m³/h (0.9 to 10.8 m³/s)
  • Can work in conjunction with the energy recovery coil incorporated in a PolluStop unit, offering either air-to-air or air-to-water heat transfer, or a combination of both.
  • Options for low temperature hot water, indirect gas or electric heating facilities.
  • Options for chilled water or direct expansion (dx) cooling facilities.
  • Attenuators for reducing in-duct noise levels can be provided.
  • Features the “Urban Pack” which is a combination of ultra high-efficiency Panel filters, impregnated long-pocket Bag filters and Halton SafeGuard Risk UVGI treatment.
  • Halton SafeGuard Risk UVGI prevents the outside viruses and bacteria entering the kitchens.
  • The combination works to ensure the cleanest and safer makeup air for the kitchen’s processes and the staff.
  • Compatible with M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology.
  • Equipped with Halton Connect IoT (Internet of Things platform) platform with advanced 24/7 distant monitoring capabilities.
  • Highest value of ownership thanks to Halton Connect & Care smart services offering, as soon as kitchens commissioning.
  • External insulated panelling available in 4 colour options (dark blue, light grey, dark grey or white).
  • Acoustic insulation built into the unit’s double-skin panels.
  • External installation possible. There are a number of additional service possibilities, such as variable frequency drive and other monitoring systems.
  • Good thermal comfort guaranteed by complete and fully compatible packages: supply temperature controls, airflow management dampers and kitchen specific air diffusers.

More about the main embedded technologies

Halton Connect

Halton SafeGuard Risk UVGI

Recommended combinations with other products or technologies

Aerolys air handling units can be combined with other Halton technologies or products in order to further enhance the performance of your kitchen, whether talking about the energy savings, safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) or Impact on the environment.

Further increase the energy savings and improve the working conditions of the staff
Go for M.A.R.V.E.L. energy saving technology for kitchens ventilation

Establish your kitchen wherever you chose and increase once more the energy savings
Go for PolluStop PEU exhaust Air Handling Units and heat recovery

Optimize the ductwork cleaning costs and further improve your safety
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