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PST-A Pollution Control Unit (UL)

Modular Pollution Control Unit

UL Listed – Halton introduces a first of its kind, modular pollution control system that can be designed based on the projected grease loading and the critical nature of odor mitigation. You have the ability to determine the appropriate technology for the application. Whether an ELF unit with Extended Life filters and odor spray is appropriate all the way up to a Double Pass Electrostatic precipitator with UV/Carbon module for odor and smoke critical applications, the selection is yours.

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PolluStop modules are designed to be incorporated into commercial kitchen ventilation systems where the control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is a requirement. There are 10 standard capacities ranging in size from 3000 cfm to 24,000 cfm. Sizes up to 40,000 CFM are available, consult factory. PolluStop units are Listed to UL 8782 Pollution Control Standard and has the NYC Certificate of Approval #COA5853.

The PolluStop was developed to compliment the Capture JetTM kitchen exhaust hoods or Ventilated Ceilings Systems.

Features and Benefits

  • First of its kind load dependent design with application specific filtration options.
  • Listed to UL 8782 Pollution Control Standard
  • NYC Certificate of Approval COA#5853
  • Explicitly developed for commercial kitchens operating in dense urban locations.
  • Allows side wall discharge for exhaust ductwork.
  • Minimize neighborhood restaurant exhausted cooking odors and maintain desired residential air quality standards.
  • Electrostatic Precipitator module with washdown available for heavy grease and
    solid fuel applications.
  • Automatic exhaust fan regulation ensures design exhaust volumes are always maintained.
  • PolluStop operations can be integrated into one common control panel when Halton hoods and M.A.R.V.E.L. DCKV solutions are selected to support High-Performance Kitchen designs.
  • Heat Recovery (HRU) Module available. Connects to Halton supplied make-up air unit with heat recovery coil.
  • Integrated BMS monitoring and remote factory monitoring/control communication capabilities.
  • Construction includes double wall heavy gauge shell construction with acoustic insulation for reduced sound levels.

Halton Pollution Control Unit PolluStop

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Demo Configurator

Halton PolluStop modules are designed to be incorporated into commercial kitchen ventilation systems where the control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is a requirement. Halton’s modular pollution control system can be designed based on the projected grease loading and the critical nature of odor mitigation, the selection is yours.

Design your own PolluStop or view already configured models for your solution.

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Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Module

The module includes ionizer-collector cell(s), mist eliminators, wash system, and wash water drain pan.

Double Pass ESP Module is available.

ELF Filter Module (Extended Life Filter)

Halton’s ELF is rated MERV 14 per ASHRAE 52.2 and uniquely designed and tested to filter cooking aerosol. A single ELF life-cycle provides the equivalent filtration performance protection and life-cycle loading capacity of the combination of 8 – MERV 8 prefilters and 1.5 – MERV 14 bag filters.

The ELF reduces service frequency by up to 8 times while reducing disposal costs. The ELF runs at lower pressure drop during loading as compared to a similar physical size bag filter which reduces fan motor belt and drive stresses and in turn, contributes to lowering the electrical demand charges of the building.

The Absolute filter is rated MERV 16 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) and is a high efficiency, high capacity, energy-saving, mini-pleated v-bank box style filter.

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) with ELF Filter Module

The module includes ELF (Extended Life Filter) and an ionizer-collector cell(s), mist eliminators, wash system, and water wash drain pan.
Double Pass ESP Module is available.

Odor Spray Module

The “ScentryTM” liquid spray odor-reducing system shall produce an atomized spray that permeates the filtered exhaust air to attack and mitigates airborne odors.

Carbon Panel Module

A panel of activated carbon for the absorption of odor. For use with Pollustop ESP modules. Double
Pass Carbon Panel Module is available.

UV Carbon Module

Module with UV-C bulbs in conjunction with carbon panels for odor-critical applications.
Double Pass Carbon available with UV-C.

Silencer Module (Attenuator)

The Silencer Module housing shall be fully painted and be double wall constructed with all joints suitably reinforced and braced for rigidity. Inner walls shall be 16 ga. liquid-tight welded construction and outer walls shall be a minimum of 18 ga. steel. The silencer module will include acoustic-grade glass fiber and utilize acoustical splitters (size dependent). Perforated metal is filmed lined that protects the glass fiber. The film shall have a Flame Spread index of 0 and Smoke Development of 15 as tested in accordance with ASTM E84, exceeding the NFPA 90A maximum requirements. (Module not provided with access doors.)

Solid Fuel Cooking Solutions

Redefining Solid Fuel Pollution Control

Solid Fuel Cooking Ventilation Solution

Halton’s Solid Fuel Ventilation System is the culmination of expertise and innovation, designed to meet the stringent demands of commercial kitchens. The effluents generated by solid fuel cooking processes, including particulate matter, ash, embers, and smoke, require careful management. Our system’s foundation is built on effective source capture – a critical step for proper ventilation. When paired with our PolluStop Solid Fuel pollution control system, we provide best a best-in-class solution for solid fuel cooking.

Once source capture is addressed with the Halton Continuous Mist Capture Jet hood (KVE-CM), the effluent travels through the exhaust duct to be discharged outside. Due to the high volume of effluent and odors generated, a Halton PolluStop Solid Fuel Pollution Control system is used. The design of the PolluStop PCU incorporates several features explicitly used for a solid fuel application.

Safety is paramount. Our solid fuel PolluStop has an emergency water spray nozzle and dual temperature sensors. Should temperatures reach levels of potential ignition, the ESP cells are automatically disabled, triggering the water spray to mitigate fire risks effectively. Contact us today or visit for more information!

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