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Pollution Control Unit
Pollution Control Unit
Pollution Control Unit
Pollution Control Unit

PST-A Pollution Control Unit (UL)

Modular Pollution Control Unit

UL Listed – Halton introduces a first of its kind, modular pollution control system that can be designed based on the projected grease loading and the critical nature of odor mitigation. You have the ability to determine the appropriate technology for the application. Whether an ELF unit with Extended Life filters and odor spray is appropriate all the way up to a Double Pass Electrostatic precipitator with UV/Carbon module for odor and smoke critical applications, the selection is yours.

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PolluStop modules are designed to be incorporated into commercial kitchen ventilation systems where the control of airborne pollutants at the discharge point is a requirement. There are 10 standard capacities ranging in size from 3000 cfm to 24,000 cfm. Sizes up to 40,000 CFM are available, consult factory. PolluStop is Listed to UL 8782 Pollution Control Standard and is has the NYC Certificate of Approval #COA5853

The PolluStop was developed to compliment the Capture JetTM kitchen exhaust hoods or Ventilated Ceilings Systems.