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Wherever air quality is critical, we take care of every breath you take.



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Patient rooms

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Operating room solution

Hygienic and comfortable environments for patients, doctors, and nurses.

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Patient Room solution

Stable, silent, and comfortable healing conditions for patients.

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Isolation room solution

Safe, controlled and comfortable environments for patients and hospital professionals. Flexible solution where you can choose the isolation ventilation solution according to your need.

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Gas and smoke extraction solution

Halton Vita Extract provides a healthy working environment by removing hazardous gases and smoke directly from the source.

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Sterilisation room solution

Safe, controlled and comfortable environments for sterilisation departments.

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Mobile ventilation solution for small operations

Halton Vita Cell Patient upgrades the hygiene of your operations by providing ultra-clean air to the most critical area, the wound area.

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Medical Instrument table ventilation

Halton Vita Cell Instrument delivers air through a laminasor, guaranteeing a stable, horizontal, low-turbulence, and directed airflow over the medical instrument table.

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Mobile clean air ventilation for a room

Halton Vita Cell Room Solution is designed for medical operations and other medical environments to provide temporarily upgraded room hygiene.

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Virus Mitigation for Hospitals

Reducing the risk of virus spread while creating a clean and safe environment for patients, visitors and staff.

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Cafeteria kitchen ventilation

At a smaller scale as the central kitchens, the cafeterias (canteens) for hospitals face the same challenge. Halton's ventilation solutions directly contribute reducing the part of the energy and maintenance in the meal cost with the highest hygiene level.

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Central kitchen ventilation

Health and education sectors are one of the biggest catering segment with ever-increasing quality demands and financial constraints. Halton's ventilation solutions contribute achieving this challenge.

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