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Mother and a child in a hospital patient room

Comfortable healing in a patient room

In modern hospitals, a good indoor environment and patient comfort are vital for patients’ rapid healing. To ensure such an environment, Halton created the Vita Patient Room solution, with hygienic chilled-beam and radiant-panel operation. Halton Vita Patient Room solution provides flexible and silent ventilation for the patient’s room, strict standards of hygiene, and enhanced safety for patients and healthcare personnel. Halton Vita Patient Room solution offers an automation for easy control of conditions in the patient room (airflow, temperature, and lighting).

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Typical challenges in patient rooms

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With Vita Patient Room solution, Halton answers the question of how to create environments for patients that provide good thermal comfort, are silent, and adapt to the room’s varying heat-load conditions.

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Why choose Halton?

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Comfort and optimal conditions for patients

The Halton Vita Patient Room solution is specially designed for a patient-room environment, with a focus on how to support the healing process. The Halton Vita Patient solution combines ventilation, heating, and cooling. It ensures optimised room conditions and a stable thermal environment for patient comfort.

Our system provides demand-based ventilation: during visiting hours and consultations, the ventilation can be adjusted to the number of people in the room. Then, when the patient is alone, it can return to its normal level.

Patient room animation image protective airflow

Protective airflow

To reduce the risk of infection and enhance the protection of medical staff Halton created Vita Patient Room solution with unique protective airflow pattern.

The Halton Vita Patient Room solution with radiant panels have a unique feature of protective airflow. The supply airflow is designed to generate an airflow pattern which prevents the bacteria exhaled by the patient entering the breathing zone of healthcare staff.

Patient room animation image overview of the rooms

User friendly management

The Halton Vita Patient Room solution allows the medical staff to easily monitor and change the conditions in the patient rooms thanks to the supervisory and wall panels. The supervisory panel can be installed in the nurses’ office or in any other location convenient for medical staff. The panel displays an overview of the rooms in the department with temperature and airflow rate (eco, normal and boost) and grants medical staff the option to control the environment of each room remotely. The wall panel by the door allows the medical staff or the patient to change the conditions (adjust
the temperature, airflow and lightning) locally.

Patient room animation image VPR chilled beam and radiant panel

Hygienic chilled beams and radiant panels

Halton provides solutions in two variants: with chilled beams or with radiant panels. Both versions guarantee optimal standards of hygiene and have unique features that are easily adaptable for refurbishments and new set-ups.

Watch the Halton Vita Patient Room solution animation!

In this animation you can see closer all the feature of the Halton Vita Patient Room solution and the benefits the solution can bring to your hospital and patient environment.