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Disinfection blue light

Halton, the technology leader in ultra clean ventilation systems, integrates disinfection blue light to eliminate microbes from surfaces while being 100% safe for the staff and patients.

With the cooperation with LED Tailor company, Halton created the Halton Vita OR Space ventilation solution for operating rooms with disinfection blue light integrated with the diffusers. Halton Vita OR Space is the solution that ensures ultra clean conditions in the whole operating room, which brings cleanliness in the OR, flexibility of using the space, and comfort for the staff. The new system has been enriched with blue light benefits that disinfect the space during non-working hours. Disinfection blue light system integrated with the diffusers, killing microbes the way that is easy, safe for people, does not promote antimicrobial resistance – and can significantly reduce the risk of surgical site infections (SSI).

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum, from 400 nm to approximately 500 nm wavelength. Disinfection blue light can kill all forms of bacteria, yeast, and mold – microbes that contain photo-sensitive compounds inside their cells. Thanks to these compounds, the microbes can absorb light and use the energy to produce enzymes or proteins and boost their growth and vitality. Research has shown that when these photo-sensitive compounds are exposed to specific wavelengths of disinfection blue light and certain light intensity, a chemical reaction will start. In the chemical reaction, different kinds of reactive oxygen radicals are formed. These so-called Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) are reactive oxygen molecules, also known as free radicals. The ROS damage everything organic they come in contact with – and then kept going for long enough – destroy the microbe from the inside.

The benefits of the disinfection blue light system

The disinfection blue light system is an ecological and chemical-free solution, so it generates zero waste. It is safe for people. The solution is automatic, easy to use, and does not require any labor. It also means that the disinfection result is consistent – every time, it gives the same performance. The solution is based on LED devices with a long lifetime, at least 50 000 hours, i.e., 11 years of normal use with no maintenance during this time. The great advantage of disinfection blue light solution is that it does not promote antimicrobial resistance.

The disinfection effect of blue light is scientifically proven, and it has been described in 1800+ peer-reviewed articles.

This table lists the most common causes of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI) in Europe, according to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The ECDC conducted a study from 2011–2012 on vectors of healthcare-associated infections in 273,753 patients in 1,149 hospitals in 29 European countries. The table also contains data on the efficiency of blue light inactivation of microbes collected from different sources. Although different microbes respond differently to blue light, it is nevertheless fatal to all of them.

Disinfection blue light integrated into Halton Vita OR Space solution

Innovation from Halton and LED Tailor – a disinfection blue light system that kills microbes in operating rooms and brings hope to the antibiotic resistance fight in the hospitals.

Integrated with Halton Vita OR Space, the LED devices are embedded in the diffusers to not interfere with the airflow pattern. Thus work of ventilation and level of cleanliness is ensured as in a standard solution. The LED devices emit white light during operations and while people are in the room. When the room is empty, the disinfection blue light is on and disinfects the space, reducing the number of microbes significantly.

Antibiotic resistance (AMR) and surgical site infections (SSI) are a significant issue and increasing threat for hospitals at this moment. This innovation provides a safer operating room environment by reducing SSIs and helps to reduce the development of the AMR of microbes.

The intensity of disinfection blue light at the surfaces and the illumination time is calculated for each project individually based on the dimensions of the room and the way people use the space.

There are other spaces in the healthcare sector where cleanliness is crucial for the security of patients and staff. For such spaces as cleanrooms, isolation rooms, etc., there is also the possibility to use the diffusers with disinfection blue light integrated. This option is already available in the Halton Vita Cleanroom solution but can be integrated with any other Halton Vita solution. Contact Halton to find out how we can help you with your project.

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