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Airborne particle contamination

Creating demanding environments of cleanroom solutions

Do you have a project where you need to guarantee the safety of your personnel and processes in cleanroom environment?

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Laboratory cuboard clean room

Typical challenges with Cleanroom

The key challenges for cleanroom environments usually involve safety for the personnel and processes, the airtightness of the room, and ensuring low levels of pollutants (dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, chemical vapours, etc.).

Do you have a challenge that requires a solution?

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Why choose Halton?

Protecting the processes and the staff

In the spaces that require the highest level of cleanliness, air flow management, room air diffusion, and stability of environmental conditions are strictly important.  Halton secures your workplace air quality and controls and monitors clean and safe conditions for professionals in cleanroom environments. We take care of the safety and comfort, so you can be sure your working conditions are in good hands.

The Halton Cleanroom solution provides control and monitoring system, reliable and hygienic system components, and additional features like blue light and eco mode which increase levels of security, cleanliness and are energy efficient. For the design examples please check Halton Vita Design Guide.

Halton Vita Cleanroom solution control system levels of cleanliness GMP

Controlling the conditions to provide accurate working environments

Halton Vita Cleanroom solution controls and maintains accurate pressurization, level of cleanliness and thermal conditions, keeping it adequate to the room class and procedures that are carried out. It will also respond fast to process variations when needed.

Ensuring maximum security

The Halton Vita Cleanroom solution includes an independent monitoring system that takes care of follow-up, logging and reporting of operational conditions. The monitoring system is compliant with GMP regulations and enables working both on site and remotely. Information can be reviewed also remotely from Halton Connect, a cloud-based system that allows 24/7 access to Halton’s solutions. Access to information from both control and monitoring systems helps to react quickly to any changes. This increases level of security and allows to react on possible environmental challenges.

Halton Vita Cleanroom solution adjusted airflow pattern

Comfort without compromising safety

Halton can adjust the airflow pattern so that it creates comfortable and safe working environments according to process needs. Draft free and temperature-controlled environment considers the whole process.

Halton Vita VHT Hepa diffuser

Reliable components

The Halton Vita Cleanroom solution delivers reliable, hygienic, and cleanable system components. Halton Vita HEPA diffusers are covered in antibacterial paint and are easy to clean, validate and maintain.

The diffusers are equipped with adjustable nozzles which can be directed according to the specific needs creating different airflow patterns.

Halton Vita Cleanroom solution with blue light in the diffuser

The version of the solution featuring the additional blue light in the diffusers can disinfect the spaces during non-working hours, making the workplace even safer.

Energy efficiency

When the work is done and staff is leaving the space, the system can switch to Eco mode, which maintains the pressure and environmental conditions while simultaneously saving energy. The air flow goes to ECO mode but the pressure control continues controlling as set. The normal mode can be controlled using time control, occupancy sensor and occupancy button. The ECO mode (the general airflow rate set to 30% of the basic value, for example) can also be activated by using a motion detector when, after a predefined delay time, the sensor has not detected movement in the room.

Watch the Halton Vita Cleanroom solution animation!

Watch Halton Vita Cleanroom solution animation to see how we can create the safe, clean and most reliable working environment and secure the processes and the staff.

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Cleanroom Solution Brochure

Hygienic, reliable and comfortable environments for cleanroom professionals.

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Halton Vita Cleanroom Design Guide cover GB

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Halton Vita Cleanroom Design Guide

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