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Halton has solution for your Ghost Kitchen ventilation system.

Halton provides the solution for Ghost Kitchens that will meet all your ventilation needs.

Halton’s Adaptive Hood System addresses the key concerns and challenges for Ghost Kitchen ventilation while addressing energy efficiency, environmental factors, and fire safety.

From the design concept, Halton is prepared to meet with your design team, contractors and tenants to review the system and its capabilities.

The challenges for Ghost Kitchen Ventilation Systems

Ghost kitchens are unique in that the kitchen ventilation system is often utilized not only for kitchen exhaust but for a significant portion of HVAC comfort as well. The absence of dining rooms complicates the situation by requiring all the replacement air be concentrated into each small kitchen space. Therefore, the HVAC system must not only mitigate the internal loads, but all of the outdoor air loads as well. Finally, with the density of kitchens in one location, the volume of smoke and odors generated and discharged from a Ghost Kitchen may necessitate the use of a filtration system and odor abatement technology where it is critical to mitigating this effluent.

Why choose Halton

Halton’s Adaptive Hood System addresses the key concerns for Ghost Kitchen ventilation while addressing energy efficiency, environmental factors, and fire safety.

To meet the demand of the rapidly growing prepared food delivery market, Ghost Kitchens also known as Virtual Kitchens are being created. These kitchens are characterized by the availability of multiple cooking spaces without customer seating.  The sole purpose of Ghost Kitchens are to improve the efficiency of the cooking and delivery process of remotely ordered prepared foods. Having a system capable of being adjusted remotely or updated for new appliances and/or tenants without wholesale changes to the property infrastructure is paramount.

Halton has the solution to the challenges associated with Ghost Kitchen Ventilation.

  • Maximizing infrastructure flexibility
  • Repurposing of existing facilities such as malls
  • Availability of space for the widest number of kitchens
  • Providing a comfortable environment while minimizing energy use
  • Isolating menus by ethnicity or religion preparation requirement (Halal, Kosher)
  • Enabling independent operation of each kitchen space even when tied to a common duct and fan
  • Minimizing duct runs and exhaust systems

Download our brochure on Ghost Kitchen Ventilation Solutions

Download Halton's brochure on Ghost Kitchen ventilation

(PDF, 827 kB)

Halton’s Adaptive Hood System for Ghost Kitchen Ventilation

Providing the greatest design and infrastructure flexibility for the changing ventilation requirements of Ghost Kitchens.

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Reference cases

Our reference cases will provide you with an overview of the restaurant kitchen ventilation solutions for Ghost Kitchens we have designed for customers all around the world.

Visit our full reference gallery and browse our project book. You will certainly find some that will appeal to you and see Halton is the global technology leader in demanding indoor environments.

Reference gallery

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Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Indonesia

Grand Hyatt Jakata is a luxury 5 Star Hotel in Downtown Jakarta Indonesia. Grand Hyatt...

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North Trail High School, Alberta, Canada

The Calgary Board of Education chooses Halton for the kitchen ventilation system at North Trail...

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Halton Foodservice – Project Book 2023

Get ready to embark on a world-wide journey of reference project pictures with our groundbreaking...

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Pierre Alviset Secondary School, France

Located in the heart of the 5th arrondissement of Paris, Pierre Alviset secondary school welcomes...

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Epic – Spit and Fire Restaurant, Wisconsin, USA

Spit and Fire at Epic’s Wizards Academy Campus chooses Halton for their Kitchen Ventilation

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École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio, Thailand

École Ducasse – Nai Lert Bangkok Studio is a culinary school with classes and programmes,...

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EN Hotel, Poland

The restaurant is one place in the centre of the EN Hotel, with an open...

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Traube Tonbach, Germany

Traube Tonbach Hotel has chosen Halton to provide the kitchen ventilation solution for their Schwarzwaldstube,...

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Jean de Cruzel Elementary School, France

Jean de Cluzet school is a 8-class elementary school in Gagnac-sur-Garonne and has chosen Halton...

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Le Beaujour, Taiwan

Le Beaujour is a restaurant located in Taipei City. This name comes from the French...

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L’Atelier Robuchon, Spain

L'Atelier Robuchon, on the first floor is home to an open kitchen restaurant, and has...

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Download your free whitepaper on Ghost Kitchen Ventilation

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Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Solutions for Ghost Kitchens

Download your FREE guide for a complete understanding of Halton’s solution for a successful implementation of an Adaptive Kitchen Ventilation System for Ghost Kitchens.

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Halton Innovations

Innovation is paramount to address all challenges for commercial kitchen ventilation and our customers’ needs. It is the cornerstone of our High Performance Kitchens designed to combine Health and Safety, Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and Sustainability.

Here are few of our innovations that are particularly suitable for the ventilation of Ghost Kitchen restaurants.


Recommended UL Listed products for North America

Here are few of our products that are UL Listed particularly suitable for restaurant kitchen ventilation for Ghost Kitchens..

See a full list of products suited for Ghost Kitchens
Full Product List

Recommended products for Europe

Here are few of our products that are  particularly suitable for restaurant kitchen ventilation for Ghost Kitchens located in Europe.

See a full list of products suited for Ghost Kitchens Full product list

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