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KSA cyclonic grease filter technology for kitchens

KSA Cyclonic Filters

Mechanical grease filter for commercial kitchens

KSA cyclonic filter has the highest extraction efficiency while maintaining the lowest pressure loss of any mechanical filtration device. The efficiency limits grease deposition inside the exhaust plenums of hood and ventilated ceilings and the ductwork.

The KSA creates a cost-effective solution and an ideal pre-filtration for other systems like the UV Capture Ray™ technology.

Reduces cleaning costs and energy consumption while boosting kitchens’ hygiene and fire safety.

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  • KSA filters are 95% efficient on 10 µm particles with a reasonable pressure loss of 120 Pa.
  • Improved hygiene and fire safety thanks to fewer grease deposits in the exhaust plenums and ducts.
  • Lower maintenance costs due to lower cleaning frequency.
  • Improved noise levels, thanks to the low pressure loss.
  • Reduces the fans’ energy consumption compared to baffle filters, thanks to the lower pressure loss.
  • Improves the performance of UV-C Capture Ray™ technology due to its high extraction rate.