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Halton Skyline Culinary and Human Centric light

Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for the needs of commercial kitchens.

Halton Skyline combines the benefits of a Culinary Light and a Human Centric Light. Lighting that respects the natural food colour and texture, while contributing to the Wellbeing and safety of the staff, are a significant feature!

The significant energy savings may almost be viewed as secondary, but Halton’s Skyline is a highly efficient LED design which contributes to impressive energy savings on lighting and cooling.

Fitted in Capture Jet™ ventilated ceilings, hoods, installed in the other kitchen areas with additional standalone modules or highlighting demanding work stations with downlighters, Halton Skyline brings life to light everywhere.

The lighting design in professional kitchens has typically been viewed from the perspective of meeting illumination levels requirements without considering personal wellbeing.

The relationship between good lighting, better working conditions, and productivity is now widely recognized. However, when a kitchen benefits from excellent lighting levels, the staff is easily dazzled. When dazzling does not occur, it is typically because the kitchen suffers from a lack of illumination. Low illumination or poorly placed lighting is even more harmful to the safety of the kitchen’s staff as well as hygiene.

LED lighting is a technology that has evolved most during the last decade. The offerings are too numerous to count. They are focused on promises of energy savings, but they don’t address a design that  improves the visual comfort and, more globally, the working conditions. Under some conditions it will degrade them. This is particularly true in professional kitchens where stainless steel and tiles create reflections.

Whatever the technology used, a lighting system is more than just integrating light sources in a product or common casing.

Lighting is an area of expertise in the same manner as ventilation. Halton engineers designed, in cooperation with leading experts, an innovative technology that addresses all challenges of lighting in professional kitchens.

  • Halton Skyline is a culinary light that remarkably respects the natural food colour and texture from raw ingredients to plated presentation.
  • Halton Skyline also improves the working conditions while playing an active role in the kitchen safety.
  • The Human Centric light version of Halton Skyline follows your biorhythm to further improve the working conditions and staff Wellbeing.
    – Halton Skyline contributes to a better mood and productivity;
    – Halton Skyline contributes to recovery nights.
  • Halton Skyline also enables the creation of different lighting moods for show kitchens.
  • Halton Skyline is a state of the art lighting technology that, at its core, saves significantly on energy and maintenance.

A colour and texture rendering that mimics natural daylight

Halton Skyline respects the colour of the food

The Colour Rendering Index CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects dependably. With an index of 100, the natural light is the reference.

The two spot models used for Halton Skyline technology have a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 83 and 95. Halton Skyline greatly improves the control of the freshness of the ingredients, the cooking of the food, and also the important final touch to the plating.

Halton Skyline also respects the food texture

In contrast with the vast majority of the LED spots, the diffuser and specific reflector of the spots used for Halton Skyline base lighting provide a uniform light, with a good balance between the direct and diffuse components.

These geometrical and diffusion provisions limit the creation of shadows. The relief and shapes of the ingredients and food being prepared are clearer. They become even clearer when the base lighting is combined with a number of Halton Skyline focussed beam spots.

Comparison T5 fluorescent tubes and Halton Skyline

Halton Skyline provides more light where needed because it is also a question of safety and hygiene

More light for sensible equipment and operations
Cutting machines, for instance, are potentially dangerous and yet, they are often located close to walls, where the lighting level typically decreases. All cutting operations would benefit from a higher lighting level by using more broad beam spots.

More light for sensitive foodstuffs or ingredients
Benefiting from more light is also key when preparing sensitive ingredients that quickly deteriorate or require specific attention (such as the toxic Fugu blowfish).

More light for specific cooking appliances
Grills, woks, kettles etc, in general all cooking processes for which completion of cooking is to monitored through colour control, the lighting level should be increased with focus-type spots.

More light for the plating area
Precision of the plates presentation, tracking of traces, final quality control through food colour, the plating counter is key and requires improved lighting based on more focus-type spots.

More light for a better control quality in dishwashing areas
Efficient dirt tracking at the outlet of the dishwashing machines is vital for hygiene, and yet, these areas suffer most of the time from inadequate lighting. Increasing the broad beam spots in all areas where visual quality control is managed is essential.

If you didn’t know any better, you would think you were outside!

As an option, Halton Skyline is equipped with two sets of LEDs, with different colour temperatures (2200 and 6500K), and whose intensity can be adjusted independently. This enables creating daylight-similar sequences depending on the kitchen activity. You would think you were outside! You are even more appreciative since many kitchens do not have windows, keeping in mind we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Halton Skyline creates lighting conditions that match Circadian rhythm, with recognized biological and psychological benefits.

Halton Skyline Natural Light

Halton Skyline contributes to a better mood and productivity

When night gives way to dawn, our body starts secreting “day hormones”. Serotonin is the most prominent of them. There is increasing acceptance that this neurotransmitter plays an important role in maintaining the mood balance, feeling alert and revitalised.

Halton Skyline favours the activation of Serotonin secretion and its benefits. Combined with the psychological effects of a daylight-similar lighting conditions, it improves Wellbeing and productivity.

Halton Skyline contributes to recovery nights

In the evening, the natural light becomes warmer and its intensity decreases. Day hormones are then taken over by night hormones, Melatonin being the most prominent of them. Melatonin is recognised as playing an important role in sleep quality.

Halton Skyline favours Melatonin secretion before the staff leaves in the evening or in the night thus helping them benefit from recovery nights. Melatonin is also a powerful antioxidant.

Halton Skyline sets new standards for energy and maintenance savings

Halton Skyline light fittings consume up to 2,8 times less energy per m2 compared to fluorescent tubes while providing a more uniform light on the working surfaces… and this is only the beginning!

Compared to fluorescent tubes, Halton Skyline requires less luminaires to keep the targeted lighting over lifetime. This reduces the initial investment and increases first time the energy savings.

Halton Skyline also saves on replacement of up to 125% of fluorescent tubes, adding significant maintenance savings to the energy savings.

Halton Skyline controls can be equipped with light sensors as an option. They are particularly interesting for kitchens that benefit from daylight. Halton Skyline provides much less light close to the windows and progressively increases the light intensity when moving away from them. In such cases, Halton Skyline energy savings are then increased once more.