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Water Wash technology for hoods and ventilated ceilings - Self cleaning filters

Water Wash technology

Automated cleaning technology for the grease filters in Capture Jet™ hoods and ventilated ceilings. Save on the filters’ cleaning cost while improving the safety level.

The Water Wash technology automatically washes down grease filters without the need for staff intervention. It puts an end to the laborious task of manually dismantling / cleaning / reassembling the filters. Staff can then turn their attention to food preparation. Hygiene and fire safety is also improved.

Water Wash technology eliminates the need to buy a second set of filters, as well as saving money on cleaning costs and recovers time to focus on the core business.

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The most significant benefit of the Water Wash technology is to save significant operating capital on the cleaning costs of filters, especially if an external services company is contracted to carry out these operations.

If the kitchen staff manages the cleaning operations, there’s the additional benefit of freeing up that time. Allowing the staff to devote themselves entirely to their core business: creating and preparing food for their guests. This is more acute in large kitchens with extended operating hours.

Typically a second set of filters were necessary to rotate them out for cleaning while maintaining operations. With the water wash technology, an investment in a second set of filters is no longer needed, accelerating the payback time.