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Ventilation of food processing facilities

Ventilation expertise and the ability to manufacture unique solutions for food processing facilities are at the heart of our innovations.

We design and manufacture bespoke solutions for ventilation problems faced at food processing facilities. Halton has over 50 years of experience in solving food-related ventilation challenges.

Typical challenges

Industrial scale food manufacturing processes are characterised by non-traditional, typically custom-designed cooking equipment for both their capacity and power requirements. They are often based on a unique form of cooking, such as steaming or frying. These processes generate significant loads of heat, mixed with large volumes of smoke, steam, and grease.

Due to the large size and height of the cooking equipment, and the use of lifting mechanisms or conveyors, the exhaust systems are often installed higher. This makes it more challenging to efficiently remove pollutants, and calls for bespoke systems with custom dimensions, shapes, and features.

A high level of hygiene is a requirement for food processing facilities. Air, if handled incorrectly, can spread contaminants inside facilities and emit odours outside that can become an issue in residential areas. Many hygiene issues experienced at food processing facilities can be traced back to inefficient and unhygienic ventilation systems.

Ventilation for Food Processing Facilities

Why choose Halton

The ventilation problems faced at food processing facilities are as unique as the food produced in them. Solving them requires expertise in ventilation, air behaviour and thermal plumes. An appropriate exhaust system design and installation are critical to a successful operation. All elements of ventilation need to be taken into consideration in improving hygiene levels, working conditions, and system efficiency.

Innovation, expertise, and customization are key in the food processing field. These elements are all part of Halton’s DNA.

  • Halton’s innovative technologies have a proven track record in providing hygienic, efficient, and sustainable solutions in the food industry.
  • Halton’s global network of Innovation Hubs and R&D teams help customize our offering to fit your ventilation needs.
  • Halton has 50 years of expertise in cooking processes and innovative ventilation solutions.
Ventilation Options for Food Processing Facilities
Biologon (Hochfilzen, Austria)

Steam from a heavy-duty cooking appliance captured by our Capture Jet™ technology

Exhaust Hoods for Ventilation in Food Processing Facilities
Top Food – Indonesia

Halton’s solutions and other assets include:

  • HACCP certified products and solutions.
  • Heat load-based tools for calculating exhaust airflow rates.
  • Solutions for the neutralisation of grease and odours released by the cooking appliances which allow the use of sustainable heat recovery.
  • Global packages for exhaust/supply systems, including air handling units.
  • M.A.R.V.E.L. Demand Controlled Ventilation systems address the variability of the needs for specific processes.
  • Remote monitoring and smart services enable the delivery of a lower failure rate and lower maintenance cost.

Halton's brochure for Food Processing Ventilation

(PDF 3 Mo)

Food Processing Industries’ Ventilation

Food processing facilities have the most specific and unique cooking equipment out of the food industry, and this sector would appear to have little in common with commercial kitchens.

Ask for the technology leader in the ventilation of large scale kitchens

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