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Saya Enterprises - Wenbley - United Kingdom

Ventilation of food processing facilities

Ventilation expertise and the ability to manufacture unique solutions for food processing facilities are at the heart of our innovations

In many regards, food processing facilities have the most specific cooking equipment out of all food industry. This sector looks pretty far from commercial kitchens.

However, the parallels with commercial kitchens and our expertise and deep understanding Halton has developed in over 50 years in ventilation have contributed to providing unique solutions for food industry processes.

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Typical challenges

Industrial scale food manufacturing processes are characterised by nontraditional, typically custom designed cooking equipment, for both their capacity and power requirements. They are often based on a unique type of cooking, steam-based or frying for example. The process generates significant loads of heat, mixed with as large volumes of smoke, steam and grease.

Due to the cooking equipment physical size, especially their height, and the use of lifting mechanisms or conveyors, the exhaust systems are often installed higher. The relationship of the size and location of the ventilation system make it more challenging to efficiently remove the pollutants, while also requiring to modify the shape and dimension of the system.

Lastly, hygiene is a key factor in emissions when the food processing facility is operating near residential neighborhoods.