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Halton Ventilated Ceiling System - VCS
Halton Ventilated Ceiling System - VCS
VCS Ventilated Ceiling System

VCS – Ventilated Ceiling System (ETL)

ETL Listed – The VCS – Ventilated Ceiling System consists of a modular exhaust pod(s) installed in grid. The VCS is individually custom sized and designed for each project. It is engineered for light and medium duty commercial cooking applications. The entire ceiling system, with mullions and various exhaust pods is fabricated from quality stainless steel, that gives the ceiling a clean and sanitary appearance. All ceiling tiles are flush connected along with exhaust pods with integrated lighting and supply air diffusers.


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  • Custom design to meet the requirements of most commercial kitchens.
  • Designed  for each specific project.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simple and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Incorporates Halton’s KSA extractors for easy removal and maintenance.
  • LED lights lluminate to 500 lux at work surface height and are available with an emergency light feature.
  • Operates at low sound levels
  • Unobstructed sight line.

Halton Ventilated Ceiling Brochure - VCS


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